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Anytime you have something you want to change, you have a goal.  That goal may be to heal impotence, to resolve road rage, to stop smoking, or even to rid yourself of some major illness.  In our world, many of these goals have become regulated with regards to who can and who can not work with you to help you achieve them. One of the problems with that tendency is that too often the legally regulated persons who work with those issues are trapped in one school of thought. They focus upon what they are trying to change as single separate entity from you as a human becoming.

In other words, the MD who may legally be able to help you heal your cancer, and who is the RIGHT PERSON for you to contact to seek that particular kind of medical treatment, will only focus upon those precise symptoms, causes and treatments that deal directly with what he or she defines as the physiological cause for that physical illness. It is the same approach your auto mechanic uses when you bring your car in for repair. This would be a GREAT approach if we were machines. The problem is, we are NOT simply mechanical machines, we have a spirit, a soul and emotions.  Human becomings are not cars, we are not toaster ovens and we can not be fixed as such.

YES, properly applied medical, psychological or physical attention will help you with that given symptom or situation however there is almost always some other level of situation involved within a given physical issue.

Robert Dilts, a very formulative person in modern NLP as we know it, developed a logical level model years ago. I have, over the years, adapted this model and expanded it for my Holistic Sensory Response techniques and use it as a metaphor here.  These are some of the levels and what they mean.

Transdimentional-Truth ------------------> Akashic Record
Spirituality ------------------> Who and what else
Decisions ------------------> Free Will
Beliefs ------------------> Why
Meta Programs ------------------> Process
Capabilities ------------------> How
Behavior ------------------> What
Environment ------------------> Where/ Physical Body

The purple ones are the actual level names, and the red are more or less what they deal with.  In this model we have a theory that the lower an item is on the list, the more of the things above it have an effect on it. In other words, if there is a situation within your environment, that can be effected by making a change in your behavior, your capabilities, your meta-programs (how you think), your beliefs etc..  BUT, changing the environment does not necessarily change the things ABOVE it.  If you move OUT of a bad situation, (i.e. change your environment.) you don't create a lasting change in your beliefs for instance.

With the theory of logical levels, we set up an idea that if we affect a change on an upper level, it will change all those levels below it in some way.  That is why when a person has a huge spiritual shift they often bring about miraculous healings and such.

The medical and psychological professions ONLY tend to work on the lowest levels of "environment" (the body is an environment) or SOMETIMES "behavior." They do not typically address any of the other levels, they do not approach things Holistically! Again, those disciplines DO server a purpose and SHOULD be used properly and in their place.

In Holistic Sensory Response techniques, and in those who work in other spiritual, NLP, hypnotic or other disciplines, we tend to work at higher level goals. If a person comes in wanting to stop smoking or cure their own cancer, as non-medical professions we may not be able to work directly with the symptom- we don't prescribe or heal anything. However, we start by chunking up- that is by finding out what it is that having that change or healing will give you on a higher level!

If one was suddenly RICH, what would that give them?  Perhaps freedom to do and buy more things. What would THAT give them? Perhaps a better way of thinking about themselves. What, ULTIMATELY, would they get from it?  Well, depending on who you ask you might get a description of something like: security, calm and relaxation.

Now, is it possible to have money and NOT have security, calm or relaxation... YES IT IS! Many wealthy people are stressed insecure and high strung worrying ABOUT their money.  So the person who comes asking for the "Environment Level" goal of Money, on a HIGHER level wants to be secure, relaxed and calm.  If we ONLY give them money (in the same way a MD only treats a symptom) we are not necessarily addressing their higher need. On the other hand, if we help them create security, calm and relaxation in their lives right now, and they EQUATE that with wealth- then they will by the nature of the "principle of vibration" ATTRACT that money to them.  If we give them the HIGHER goal, then they achieve the lower level goal automatically.

When someone goes to a faith healer, they are not going so they will see or walk, they are going to commune with God (in whatever way they see him, her it.) The levels of Spirituality and Transdimensional truth are the highest levels and when one achieves that level of faith one can change just about ANYTHING!

It is for this reason, in HSR and related metaphysical or even most spiritual disciplines we work at higher level goals.  Things like happiness, peace etc, and allow your unconscious properties to trickle that down to the specific areas of concern. Traditional, old school, authoritative hypnosis did NOT  do this- it addressed only the presenting issue. It addressed only the symptom, which is why typically it did not work. Thank Goodness for the appearance of Milton H. Erickson, Depak Chopra and others who realized that we need to address the entire person.

Now, if you have some lower level goal, that is a GREAT starting place. But, if you've tried traditional approaches that deal ONLY with that lower level goal, I would suggest you take some time to go through the chain of 'Why' (as in "why do you want that?") until you get to a higher level goal, a meaning or purpose behind what you SAY you want, and THEN you will not only be able to have THAT but to achieve the lower level goals that you seek! 

Weather you chose to do this on your own, or with the   help of Holistic Sensory Response techniques   is up to you and your unconscious mind do decide which    will work best.



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