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Before you decide you are ready to make a change using hypnosis as a tool, you need to ask yourself some questions.  One of them being "Am I changing for ME?"  If the answer is "YES!" than you are on your way.

If you are interested in seeing me at my office there are several things you need to read and do first.  One of those is give me a call at 407 325 0224 and let me chat with you a bit about what you want to do and if it is the right time for you.

As with any "service" business, No-Shows and cancellations are bad for me and all my other clients.  For that reason, we have a new cancellation and payment policy effective January 1 2009 for all new and existing clients.

I offer Out-calls to your PROFESSIONAL LOCATION ONLY. (In other words, I will come to your business location for individual or private sessions, but I do not go to private residences.) Requirements Click Here

I offer phone consulations and custom audio creation for those who are too distant, or have problems arriving at my office.

I book office sessions in my office, Thursdays and Fridays.  Appt times are: 10:30 AM, 12:45 AM, 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM and sometimes 8PM.  I will book 4, 6 and 8PM on other days occasionally for existing clients who need that accomodation.

What Does It Cost?

My sessions run 60- 90 minutes depending on what the client NEEDS, sometimes up to 2 hours. In my office the fee is $150 per session. There are packages and other discounts offered from time to time.

Out calls are $200 per session for individuals (What is required for an out call?)  or $500 for groups.

MOST things such as stopping smoking, or minor weight loss goals are effectively accomplished within 3 sessions spaced 1- 2 weeks apart each.  We DO offer a package discount if you pre-pay for 3 sessions at the first consulation. 

We include Self Hypnosis Recordings of the sessions FREE OF CHARGE!

Custom Hypnosis Audio Recordings are $150, including a 1 hour phone consulation. Audio can be delivered on CD via mail, or E mail as an MP3 download.

How Do I Start?

The easiest way to start is to answer these questions and send them along in an E mail to:  hypnodean@aol.com.

Your Name.

Phone number we can contact you and weather we can leave a message or not.

In a few paragraphs, tell me what it is you want to change, why you want to change, how long you have been dealing with this situation, and what you have already tried to change it before this.

You may also want to click here and read our FAQ's.

After that, give me a call or I will call you.

I Am Ready To Book An Appointment

First, do what it says under "How Do I Start" just above.  Then, Click Here to download paperwork and intake forms. Make sure you have these filled out BEFORE you arrive, or I arrive if you prefer an out call.  You can complete the form electronically, and E mail it back,  Print it out and send it via snail mail, or bring it with you to the first session.  Make sure you sign and date the agreement.

I also suggest you go here and dowload the FREE audio file an introduction to hypnosis, through LuLu.com.  They may ask you to create an account, but this recording  is 100% FREE and LuLu is a secure trusted web site.





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