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Hello and welcome to the dawn of a new chapter in our newsletter.  For those of you who remember the beginning of this newsletter, it started out as Inspired Thoughts, and you can view the archive of those first few newsletters here.

Then, after a while, it became the Open Minds newsletter you now know, and was the communication tool for both Hypnodean.com, created by Dean Montalbano, Orlando area hypnotist and New Age teacher.  It was also the sponsored communication tool for the PsychicHourglass.com, a web site that focuses more on the new age and spiritual cultures.

Once again, it is time for a new name and direction...  About a year ago, I started to re brand a lot of what I do with a new name and logo... A Thought A Day!  It is starting to be used more on a fledgling web site just under construction, www.athoughtaday.com.  The basic idea was to take the tools from the HSR group and update them to include the every growing popularity of the ideas behind The Secret, The Law Of Attraction and Mike Dooley's Infinite Possibilities, the Art Of Living Your Dreams.

The basic, most fundamental premise here is you get what you think about, and what you focus your mind upon is what you get.  A Thought A Day is all it takes... A Thought A Day Helps You Get Your Way.

And so, starting next month, expect this to arrive as the A Thought A Day newsletter, though you should NOT expect to hear from us every day.  Also, Be on the lookout for new recordings and books that will expand on this focus for our work!


Donate to R  P  Hospital Fund 

My deepest thanks to those who read the plight of my beloved partner last month, to those who were able to send donations, and to those who sent good wishes and prayers, they have all been well received and may your kindness and blessings be returned to you 10 fold!

My partner is doing better, after some rather harrowing mess ups on the part of the doctors, and several emergency room trips.  Things are touch and go, and we shall see where life takes us both- together or apart- but for now things look positive and good!


Our new trademarked logo will hopefully become a familiar and welcome symbol.  Styled after a ray of sunshine hope, and featuring a circle of arrows that are like the thoughts you send out manifesting in physical form and returning to you for refreshment and more thoughts, it is simple.  Simplicity is a large part of our goal with A Thought A Day, to make these tools easy to use and understand.  To combine Hypnosis, visualization, the Law Of Attraction and more in a way that will help you get what you want!


Humanity Among Technology

An Encore of an older article that will be new for most of you!

No doubt about it, everywhere we go today we are bombarded with the fact that technology is advancing in leaps and bounds and making our lives easier by the second.  We can pay bills, order clothes and do our banking while sitting squarely upon our bottoms parked in front of the computer monitor.  We are never more than arms length away from our own personal phone, even when driving.  Hand held devices take the place of calendars, appointment books, and bits of string once tied around our fingers for both memory enhancement and luck.  The media bombards our senses and our inner unconscious minds with messages meant to insight and trigger various reactions through psychological and biological chemical reactions. Our homes, once thought of as the symbol of our personal castle, are also now bombarded by and inundated with technology at every step of the way.  These advances have made out lives easier, and freed up more time for noble pursuits such as reading, studying and drinking larger and larger fattening coffee drinks to stay awake so we can play online poker. Along the way however, much of our humanity has gotten swept aside.

By humanity, I mean those aspects of life that are inherently human.  The things that exist regardless of class, situation or technology.  Things such as: the desire for touch, a need to feel loved, a place of comfort to call home, platforms on which to share ideas, the ability to create.  True, these are not prevented by technology and in some ways can be enhanced, but all too often they are thought of as being unnecessary fluff.

Around a given office, we see computer screens, computers themselves that give off a steady high pitched whine, printers and electronic wireless phones that send a constant stream of radio and electromagnetic waves through our bodies. And we wonder why more and more people are suffering from allergies, obesity, colds and general fatigue.

As you look around your environment now, there are probably 2 or 3 reminders of the modern world and technology around you, but how many reminders of humanity are there?  Another way to think of humanity might also be "our place."  When we think of our connection to humanity we think about our place in the world and what that means.  Our Place is the relationship we share with the earth, the animals, the planets, the air and the water we rely upon for life.

Looking around your home, and your office, get a sense of weather it is what you describe as warm and cozy, a sort of nest or comfy calm place in which you really feel like you can be equally comfortable in a variety of situations. You should be comfortable there with company, having friends over to play cards, making tea for a single neighbor, and you should be comfortable spending time there completely by yourself.

As you build a sense of Your Place in the world, get a sense of where your environment can be re-infused with humanity. Placing a plant on your desk, a hand made drawing on the walls, a small comfy quilt on the floor under your desk where you can take off your shoes and rest your bare feet on the texture of the blanket while you type and E mail.

Arrange yourself to see sunlight, and begin to limit your exposure to the technological bombardment that surrounds most of us each and every day.  Give yourself an alarm clock that rings after a certain amount of time online, on the phone, watching TV, and take that bell as  s signal to turn off those connections to the modern world, light a candle and simply sit, in quiet, and think about those people in our lives that bring us happiness.

Take a moment to visualize the air coming from your nostrils, as a white mist or white light, and imagine how the air connects to the air still within your body.  Consider too, that each breath in and out, there is ever a point where that air is disconnected from the rest of the white light in the world.  Realize too that you breathe from every pore, from your hands your knees and your feet.

Simply think about your breathing in and out for a few minutes, and see the white light connected to the breath still inside your body and outside your body.  Slowly expand the boundary of the white light that surrounds you as you breath in and out, and imagine that field radiating in all directions and reaching out in all ways until it meets a similar field of someone of noble thoughts on the other side of the earth.  For a moment, think of the push and pull as you each take turns inhaling and exhaling your own small section of that huge field of white light that connects you and realize that as this has gone on for millions of years, the very breath you breath has been breathed by monks, scholars, vagabonds and cave men alike.

Take some time to reconnect to humanity whenever and wherever you can, and notice with some interest how much more refreshing the office and that computer become.  Notice how much more in tune you seem to be with your own body mind and soul. and enjoy the day, when the sun rises, until it no longer does!






For a long time now I have offered a booklet, CD set and lecture about Labyrinths.  They can be used as handy tools for empowerment and trance formation and are easy enough for anyone to learn from.

Recently, we acquired some really nice Metal Palm Labyrinths which come in a drawstring bag, with a wooden stylus.  When you don;t have the space or luxury of a full sized labyrinth to walk in, these hand held metal labyrinths can be JUST what you need.

Perfect for work, home or school.

By itself, this simple tool is only $30, and can be simple and easy to use.  If you wish to order the Comb Bound book and CD set with it, you can Click Here and order it direct from Leaping Lizards, our publishing branch, for a $10 Discount on the set.

Please note, the Labyrinths go in and out of stock quickly, it may be up to 2 week delay before we get more in, so please be patient.

For full details and more info scroll down and continue reading...




The Labyrinth!

Book And CD Set


Comb Bound book  or Book with CD

  • Secrets As Old As Time



  • Guide Yourself Through A World Or TRANCE-formation


  • A Most Unusual Gift Book


  • 2 Companion CDs Available


  • Use The Book And Cover To Enter Trance Easily.


  • Trace The Finger Labyrinth And Walk In The Steps Of Elders Past


Expanded, Re-written, re-recorded and re-released!!

As it says on the back, This is a VERY peculiar book!  This book is not as much ABOUT labyrinths as it IS a labyrinth.  The articles within this book deal with transforming your thinking and resetting your head.... They are gleaned from various articles that have appeared in our newsletter over the years and intermixed with information about labyrinths and how to use them.  Ordered here with the CD set, and you will receive a hypnotic audio experience designed to help guide you THROUGH the labyrinth and use it as a self-hypnotic or meditative tool.

The book itself READS like a labyrinth in that you do not read it from front to back, but rather you follow the notes on the bottom of the page and cycle through the book from the outside toward the center until you get to the middle, and experience the mind enhancing experience that IS walking the Labyrinth!

Experience the Wisdom and Enlightenment OF THE AGES! 

There are literally hundreds and web sites and books about labyrinths, even places where you can obtain wooden finger labyrinths for use in exploring the ancient wisdom and neurological benefits of walking through these traditional Shamanism structures.

The difference between labyrinths and mazes is that a labyrinth has only ONE path to the center, thus you are safe, guided by the very structure of the reality you have chosen to immerse yourself in and can only reach the ultimate center destination.

Traditional labyrinths take two forms, one of which has been related to the chakras and opening up the energy centers of the body, the other type which has been accredited by many with balancing the mind. 

Now, in this Unique  instructional and hypnotic program you get a hybrid combination of these two labyrinths in one unique design!  No where else will you find a 7 circuit labyrinth that follows the 3 forward two back mathematical progression from the outside toward the center in quite this way.

The first CD is an instructional exploration about labyrinths, how to use the guided meditation and hypnotic CD for maximum benefit and how to customize your labyrinth experience to YOU.  You actually have a potential of three different trance experiences using the second Hypnotic CD.

In section One- you will hear a story about a character called only "Soul."  A genderless ageless energy who begins to walk through this special labyrinth as you listen to an indirect hypnotic induction.  Sound cues and story cues help you time your journey for maximum effect and so you will arrive in the center of your printed labyrinth (traced with your fingers or alone with your eyes)  With each twist and turn, You and your Soul Guide will unravel issues, challenges and problems of the day, as you weave through levels of consciousness to the safe, stable center.

Once you have reached the center....  You will experience a moment of stillness as you enter SECTION TWO.

Section two is a HSR DOUBLE INDUCTION Hypno-Stereo recording unique to the HSR line in which you will be immersed in the magic and NLP and Ericksonian Metaphors to help you continue this magical journey.

Section Three will guide you back OUT of the labyrinth and reunite you with the aspects of self you shed and transformed on your journey.

An Optional Audio Only track rounds out the 4th section of the second CD.

You have the option of  programming your CD player so that you can customize your meditation experience.  Suggested variations are included in the book that accompanies this amazing tape set!

Native American, Celtic, Aboriginal, Incan, Aztec and other wise ancient cultures have used mazes and labyrinths as physical means to unlock internal trance states, and find a sense of a grounded center.

The book itself is a slim 40 page, 8 1/2 X 11 inch soft cover booklet, the cover of which bears an image which you will use as a finger labyrinth so that you can literally "let your fingers do the walking" as you are guided through this exciting program.


Special Addition While Supplies Last

We recently obtained some gorgeous Pewter Tracing Labyrinths. These are often out of stock, so shipment may be delayed by 2 weeks or more, but they are nice, 4 inches around, with a card, wooden pointer for tracing.  These are GREAT Trance-formation tools and best of all can be used ANYWHERE!  Home, Work, School...  Relax to find your answers!


Click Your Choice To Order

One Year Money Back Guarantee on all CDs

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CDs are shipped in Eco-Friendly minimal packaging, with Work Booklet. 

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