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Author, Reader, Hypnotist and teacher Dean Montalbano will begin offering a series of 4, 4 week classes in a variety of unusual subjects, FALL DATES COMING LATER! Limited to 12 learners at each class. You can pre-register and receive a free gift of your choice (details on back) and discount, pay in full at the first class for a discount, or pay weekly , as you prefer. Each class- $50 pre register/prepay and get a free gift Or $50 pay at first class OR $20 per week


Palm Reading all the secrets! Register Below

FALL DATES COMING LATER Palm Reading Plain And Simple, He made palm reading easy to learn and understand. Now in this “HANDS ON” class YOU can learn from the author. You will learn about the hand shapes, mountains, fingers, lines, designs in the hand, how to change the energy of your hand, which hand to read, using rings, jewelry and nail polish to alter the energy of your hand, and EVEN basic astrology! 4 weeks of fun and enlightenment!


The Magic Of Sigils and Talismans!  Register Below

FALL DATES COMING LATER How to make a spell more lasting and clearly communicated through the unconscious mind. Learn the basics of creating and writing a clear intention for spell work and ritual craft. Distill that intent down to its components and then assemble those components in the form of a picture, shape or drawing that speaks directly to your inner mind– the mind that speaks to spirit! You will also learn how to create a book Talisman as a bonus! 4 weeks of Creativity and Magick!


Self Hypnosis for Ritual and Spell Craft– Using Trance States Effectively.

Register Below

FALL DATES COMING LATER at Avalon Dean is a Master hypnotist who has helped many make changes and access unconscious power as well as training other hypnotists to work with clients. In this class, learn basic self hypnosis for change and self transformation, how to access, recreate and deepen trance states in various ways, how to use ritual to create trance, how to use trance within magick and ritual practices. 4 weeks of Trance and Altered Reality!


The Wonders Of Reading Fidh Lan Sticks

FALL DATES COMING LATER at Avalon Dean has released books and DVDs on the techniques of reading these 4 simple sticks and how these 4 simple sticks can help you give both quick simple readings, and detailed full length. Based upon classical Geomancy, which you will learn about, along with the sticks themselves, the symbols they depict and several methods of reading and interpreting them. If you see Dean, ask him and he’ll do a quick reading to show you what they are! 4 weeks of Simplicity and Enlightenment!


Free Gifts!

If you pre-register and prepay, you can select one of these gifts for each paid registration– We’ll bring it along to the first or second class. Book– Palm Reading Plain And Simple $19 value. Book– Tarot With ‘Tude $19 value. Palm Reading CD set $75 value. Tarot CD Set $75 Value. Ogham Book $39 value. Tarot DVD set $75 Value. Palm Reading DVD Set $75 value. Tea Leaf DVD $75 value. Fidh Lan DVD $75 Value. Learn Self Hypnosis CD Set $39 value. Questions: E mail Dean at Hypnodean@aol.com or 407 325 0224 BETWEEN 4pm and 6 pm

To Pre-Register you can go to: www.hypnodean.com/classes.htm and pay with pay pal

If you pre-register and prepay you #1– Save $30 #2– Pick any ONE of the items below as a free gift (one for each class you pre-pay for) #3– guarantee your seat.

Not refundable, but you CAN transfer it to someone else, or to another class if something comes up. Pre-registration price is $50 per person per class.

If you’d rather pay at the first class you can: Send an E mail to: Hypnodean@aol.com with the subject CLASSES and tell me which class you want to register for. No free gift unless you prepay though, AND if more that 11 people prepay and pre-register you WILL lose your seat.

You can pay at the first class in cash only as long as there is still space AND you will save the $30. If you’d rather pay as you go, you can Send an E mail to: Hypnodean@aol.com to make sure there is still space, or just show up.

IF there is space, you can pay for the class $20 per week. BUT, if you miss a week, we won’t be able to catch you up so, make sure you can attend all 4 weeks.




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