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Hypnosis Certification

Background: For several years, we have worked toward trying to upgrade the training process for hypnotists by offer a 24 week certification and apprenticeship course. This was intended for mental and healthcare professionals who wish to learn hypnosis to augment what they do. It was ALSO open to lay person wishing to pursue a certification in hypnosis exclusively. The format was a two evening per week format, with lab and workshop evenings mixed in. Alas, most people simply don’t have this type of time to commit- so, due to popular request we are offer an alternative.


Hypnodean’s Hypnosis Certification Preparation CD Course.  

The premise: I believe that most hypnosis training is woefully inadequate. Most hypnosis certifications consist of a 2 or 3 weekend program, which usually covers very few basic points, allows the learner little opportunity to practice hypnosis in a supervised environment AND worse, deludes the student into believing that they are ready to go work with clients after a few weeks. Often, these certifications are considered adequate by many of the hypnosis organizations to call yourself a "Certified Hypnotist." In the state of Florida, there are no legal standards for the training of hypnotists, so someone with a 2 weekend course legally can start business and practice within the limits of the laws of their state, very few of which are even reviewed. It is the same in many other states as well. In many states that restrict the practice of hypnosis, if someone has a degree in a health care field, this same 2 weekend training is considered enough for them to legally and safely do hypnosis with clients and call themselves and “expert.”

Would you leave your wellbeing up to a Doctor with 16 -32 hours of training?

Dean Montalbano, an Ericksonian hypnotist with over 15 years of practical experience, classroom and apprenticeship training, has therefore decided to put together a thorough, full length training course for those who wish to learn about hypnosis on their own, or in conjunction with any healing art or science which they may already be qualified to do.

Dean strictly believes and adheres to the idea that hypnosis is BEST taught in person and with mentoring. For this reason, he is entitling this a certification PREPERATION course. While it MAY BE entirely possible for you to learn what you need to work successfully and respectfully with people from the CDs alone, we still suggest that during or after your work with this set, you locate a trainer in your area who is able to give you one on one training and coaching as well.

The best way to get the MOST out of live training is to prepare yourself with as many of the basics as possible FIRST. This course is intended to give you a basic, intermediate AND advanced understanding of MANY hypnosis techniques, theories and variations. It was born from our 24 week certification and apprenticeship program outline and is designed to take you on a learning adventure over the course of one year.

Here are the basic subjects to be covered and the general order:

  • Part One: Introduction, Expectations, Instructor background, What is Hypnosis, Trance, The Myth of Depth, Self hypnosis, Anchors, Anchor use, Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer). Commercial Self hypnosis instruction CD.
  • Part Two: Rapport, The "Hypnotic Voice", Inflections, Uselessness of Words, Communication basics, Pacing a client's Reality, Inducing Trance, Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer).
  • Part Three: Pacing through matching and mirroring, The power of Mismatching, Using these tools in Sales, Hypnosis as a sales exercise, Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Four: Language Congruency! Hearing what you and your client are REALLY saying. Voice tone practice. Preparation for utilization and interventions, Common questions, Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Five: Asking the proper questions, NLP elicitation models, Using self created states for maximum effect, Proper use of hallucination when asking questions, Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Six: Meta-programs- what are they and how they work, Eliciting meta-programs, The limits of the meta-program model, How and when useful, Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Seven: Waking hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis, The NLP advantage, Ericksonian hypnosis introduction, Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Eight: Outcomes, Well-Formed Outcomes, Transferring impossible goals into possible ones, Negotiation Model, Basic outcome sorting, Generic outcomes for the hopefully confused, Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Nine: New Age Aspects of Hypnosis, Past Life Regressions, Soul Retrieval, Transformational fantasy/ wakeful dreaming, Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Ten: Ericksonian V/s Authoritative approach, Philosophical ideals, Do what works, Fish Stories, Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Eleven: Ericksonian Language Patterns continued, Putting yourself in a receptive state, Trusting in trance, Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Twelve: Session structure, Intake forms, Pre-talks, Procedures, Nomenclature to practice without being sued, Practice management, Getting the client ready, Covert Trance!!!! Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Thirteen: Some Specific trances; Rainbow trance, Secret Place, Ball of light. Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Fourteen: Well formed outcomes revisited, Creating a "part", Cautions about "Parts" models, Integrations, Reframes.
  • Part Fifteen: Metaphors! Using waking dreams to allow the client to create their own metaphor, Why they work, How to construct them, Metaphors on the "fly" Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Sixteen: Organ Language, Similes, Hearing what is said, Hidden Metaphors, personality "tests", THE CUBE, Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Seventeen: Smoking Cessation- Your bread and butter? How to! Abreactions in depth, Support materials and follow-ups, Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Eighteen: Weight loss Sessions, Hypnosis Organizations- an overview, recommendation to NGH, Caveats, Working with Doctors, Getting Referrals! Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Nineteen: Covert hypnosis, Embedded commands, Embedded questions, Analog marking in depth! Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)
  • Part Twenty: Emo-free overview, Allied techniques, Bowen, Acupuncture, more Exercises and practice, homework (or play as you prefer)

This material may be covered slightly out of this order, and certain sections will overlap. Obviously, as this is intended to be a one year installment course, more than one section will be covered at different times. Some may represent a single CD, others will be multiple recordings.

We firmly believe that this material should be experienced over time, and if possible should be explored with an adult partner who is interested and able to commit time to studying these techniques WITH you. We encourage you to share these materials with someone else, and if two people wish to sign up together and receive duplicates of the CDs, we will offer a discount for this.

This course will send you 1- 4 CDs each month, and will progress through a variety of experiences and techniques. This will be done as a subscription or “correspondence school” format, paid month to month to keep it affordable. (In addition, to get the most from the training, we will suggest certain books to you throughout the course which you will need to purchase on your own. These are RECOMMENDED, not required! They will average an additional $10 a month and we will try to tell you where you can order them online. It will be your choice which of those additional resources you choose to purchase.) If at any time you choose to stop the course, you can do so as long as we get your request 5 days or more before the billing date, and there will be no further charges. If you later wish to reinstate the course, you can pick back where you left off for a small administrative fee PROVIDED WE ARE STILL OFFERING THE COURSE.

Again, we encourage you to think of this as a resource to help you prepare for live training in your area, and in accordance with the laws of your location. We make no warranty as to weather or not you will be able to use this information in your area for any particular purpose you may have in mind.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

If you wish to start the course, you can click here to order the first installment. It will include one CD specifically for this course, and a three CD set for learning self hypnosis. You will receive instructions to either A- set up a regular charge, OR B- pay as you go.

The cost: Inside the USA- if you pre-pay, or set up automatic payment to a credit card, cost is $55.00 per month. Cancel any time you want. Outside the USA is $65.00- These prices include shipping.

If you prefer to pay as you go, the prices are the same, but shipping will be added.

This course is NOT available in one lump.

The materials are copyrighted, and it is NOT legal for you to copy them in any way- if you wish to study this course with someone else, and we ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO SO, you can either share one set of CDs OR purchase a “Study Partner Set.” This study partner set will be sent under one cover to the same address. The cost of the study partner set is an additional $20 per month.

Again, the entire idea of this course is to supply you with a thorough training, not an overview, and to supply it in a way that you learn as you go and build on what you are learning. From time to time we may offer workshops, seminars or retreats to our students to give you an opportunity to meet and learn in person- it really all depends on how many people show an interest. We have had numerous requests for this sort of thing in response to those who wanted to take our 24 week apprenticeship program, but were unable to attend. Now we are offering it. If we do not receive interest in this course, we reserve the right to discontinue offering it, without notice.




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