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You Know the Embarrassment!

You Know the Pain!

You Know the Shame...  NOW HERE IS THE SOLUTION

Millions of dollars have been spent on chemicals, injections, implants, devices and techniques to help men who suffer from this painful, embarrassing problem. Now here's a solution that is safe, natural, non-medical and puts YOU back IN control of YOUR LOVE LIFE!


If you are currently using Viagra, a pump or other method and achieving any degree of success, many will tell you that this shows that physically you are ABLE to have and maintain arousal. This recording can take the place of those external aids and allow you to perform naturally, and normally in an enjoyable way WITHOUT the use of anything other than your mind!

Used in conjunction with other recommendations from your physician, this tape set is designed to help unlock the unconscious power of your body/mind and help you rise to the occasion and enjoy the kind of sensual sexual potency that you and your partner crave

The wellness in Mind tape series is a new collection of tapes designed to aid in people generating inner wellness, in conjunction with their Medically prescribed treatment, using powerful self hypnotic techniques.

ONE YEAR  money back guarantee with original purchase certificate.

Lifetime Replacement guarantee.

Each set consists of Four CD's: There are six sections and each  consists of  instructional/ exercises/ conversational hypnosis; and a complimentary section that is hypnotic in nature. So, there are 6 conversation sections and 6 hypnotic sections.

Part One

Is similar on all the Wellness in Mind tape sets and is both conversational and hypnotic set up.

Part Two

Explores the subject of Male performance issues, sets up a description of what you want instead of your problem, invites you to contact your inner unconscious MD for help, and sets up where you are going in this solution. Then, through traditional Double Induction hypnosis sets these learnings in place in a dynamic unconscious way.

Part Three

Goes into "Karmic" issues, events or beliefs of your past that may be preventing you from performing to your full sexual enjoyment. It discusses how sexual dysfunction may be a metaphor in your life for other issues, self punishment, affirmations and self talk. Hypnotically, side Two begins releasing those past issues and connecting you to your sexually fulfilling future.

Part Four

Deals with your genetic blueprint for wellness and accessing your DNA. it also contrasts that against your blue print for the old problem, HOW you went about creating it in the past mentally and physically.  It takes you into an understanding of your personal time line and allows you to put the problem in the past and move past POTENT sexual performance into your future and present.  Then through traditional double induction side two makes these things a PART of your learning and belief system to allow you to control your sexual performance and ENJOY your new potent you!

Part Five

Deals with decision work, allowing you to go back to past ideas, and decisions and change those. It guides you through filling out the work booklet which accompanies most of my tapes and is what MAKES these tapes most unique and different.  Hypnotically, you will then take these explorations and use them throughout your logical levels of thinking to release past attachments to your old problem.

Part Six

Explores wellness practices and overall concepts of thinking, and living as they  relate to sexual function. Then, through the Magic of HSR Double Induction Hypno Stereo (Tm) you will conclude the final chapter in your road to sexual fulfillment and pleasure!

ONE YEAR  money back guarantee with original purchase certificate.

Lifetime Replacement guarantee.

What makes our tapes UNIQUE and better?

  • The work booklet that accompanies each of our Holistic Sensory Response (tm) tape sets guides you through a process of setting up the change in a way that makes it UNIQUE to you as opposed to the generic, hit and miss approach of EVERY OTHER TAPE on the market!

    Ericksonian Hypnosis, The STATE OF THE ART of hypnosis technology ensures a safer amore ecological change than with older hypnosis tapes.

    DOUBLE INDUCTION sets these apart as each set generally includes a DOUBLE INDUCTION metaphoric story, a form of metaphoric hypnosis so powerful that it helps even those who have a hard time reaching trance enter an enjoyable and effective trance state. you will hear TWO stories simultaneously , one in each ear and bedazzled at this amazing recording process. we are one of about three people in the WORLD doing these types of tapes.

    Binaural beats, barely audible tones help quiet the mind and allow you to really relax in a profound way.

    MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- While we can't guarantee your individual results any more than a Lawyer can guarantee you'll win your case, we do guarantee that you won't feel like you wasted your money. If you think the tapes are worthless you have a 60 day  money back guarantee and lifetime replacement on any in stock cassettes should they break or become damaged.

    ONE YEAR money back guarantee on all HYPNOSIS tape sets!



  • It puts YOU IN CHARGE of YOU!!!



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