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Inspired Thoughts

Welcome to Inspired Thoughts- an online newsletter of anywhere from 1 to 50 pages- you just never know- and just because you’ve seen it one month doesn’t mean it hasn’t been added too.  This newsletter will evolve, change and TRANCEform itself, me, and YOU as we journey together.  It is not exclusively about hypnosis, it is about our mind, our body and our spirit and is intended as food for the soul!  If you enjoy it, and/or would like to contribute- Please E-mail me at hypnodean@aol.com at your convenience. 


Hypnosis A World of TRANCE-Formation

By Dean Montalbano

First let me thank those of you who have E-mailed your comments to me and to the editors. It is nice to know that you are reading this column and beginning to use what is presented there.  It is a limited space format of course so I can only share things in small sections, so many of the questions you are e-mailing will be addressed in time.  I can also suggest that you check my web site for some of those answers as well as for the back issues these articles. Look under the Newsletter page, and then click Back Issues.

Last month I said that we would talk about how to begin to alter those internal representations, the self talk and pictures that I have been asking you to make note of for the last two months.  But first, let’s try and understand a bit more clearly how these things are hypnotic and how we use them.

Trance is a powerful state of concentration and focused attention.   It is a time when the conscious mind is absorbed in some task, thought or idea and the unconscious mind is brought more to the surface, or so one theory goes. Our conscious mind is saddled with making all conscious decisions and singular focus of attention, while our unconscious (also called subconscious or Other-than-conscious.) mind is there to do EVERYTHING ELSE.  The unconscious mind thinks in global, almost holographic terms absorbing more detail and information that the conscious mind could dream of processing each instant.

As you sit there reading this paper, your conscious mind is looking at the letters, and perhaps beginning to try to think about what these words mean and how they will help you alter the self talk and self images you have been concentrating consciously upon for the last two months. Your UNCONSCIOUS mind is also noticing millions of other details- it is aware of weather your right hand is higher than your left, what the texture of the support is under your body right now, it is aware of the sensation of your left toe rubbing against your sock or your shoe when you move it now.  Consciously you probably became aware of those things as you read them, you noticed them sequentially as they were brought to the center of your mind and MADE conscious.  Your unconscious mind was already aware of all of that information and much more.

Trance happens every day.  When you zone out watching TV, That’s a trance.  When you daydream, that’s a trance. When you are driving on autopilot, that’s a trance. When you find yourself lost in a book or movie and are suddenly roused or startled by a phone or someone calling your name, that’s a trance.   Trance happens every day many times, if it does not, the person tends to go a bit crazy, because it is a way of managing the thought processes.  Any time you are consciously focusing your attention on anything, or your conscious mind is otherwise fixated, even during the early stages of heading toward sleep, that is a trance.  In the process of hypnosis, we usually CREATE a trance and then DO SOMETHING WITH IT…. Hypnosis then, is thought of a created trance, with an outcome or trance with a purpose.

The self talk, the images you make and the way you think about yourself ARE trance with a purpose, they are hypnotic.  Their purpose may not be something that you judge consciously as being a good thing, but your unconscious mind does ONLY positive things for you, so no matter what, negative self suggestions are serving some purpose or outcome. Hey are moving TOWARD some positive intent, the unconscious mind doesn’t work in negations in fact, it only has a sense of positive things. If one tries to use self hypnosis without addressing the positive intent behind a supposedly negative thought or behavior, often the new suggestion will be looked upon as negative and thus rejected.

So, even those negative self talk statements and images you discovered over the past few months have some positive intent behind them. You need to acknowledge that and enlist the aide of your conscious and unconscious mind to find some OTHER POSITIVE ACCEPTABLE WAYS to accomplish the same outcome, or it may be tough to change the self-suggestions you want to reprogram. An example of this is smoking- People smoke for many reasons: relaxation, avoidance of withdrawal, desire to stay thin, need for a boost, etc… None of these has anything to do with a desire to set fire to leaves rolled in paper and suck in the exhaust there from. To try and stop smoking then, hypnotically, it is important to come up with other ways to relax, to stay thin, to get energized or what have you.

The process of changing the self-affirmations and thoughts is simple… IMAGINE THEM DIFFERENTLY. When you say something negative about yourself, get into the conscious habit of stopping yourself, saying, “cancel” or “I reject that idea.” And then make the SAME STATEMENT again as if it were a question.  Then say, “ Actually, I am….” And insert a positive statement about the same topic. And say it like you MEAN IT! If you find yourself convincingly saying, “I am dumb.”  Then say, “I reject that! I am dumb? Actually, I am intelligent and working on becoming even smarter!”

The images, thoughts or pictures can be handled in a similar way.  Stop the image in your mind, cross it out, dl it or put a frame around it and set it aside mentally. Then construct a NEW more compelling thought or image of how you want it to be.  Flick back and forth from the old, fading thought or image to the new more compelling image, and your unconscious KNOWS how to make it more compelling, and end with the new image. Notice how the feelings and self-talk that went along with the thoughts or pictures also start to change.

As you start to do this, several things will start to happen inside.  Assuming you have a good reason for doing this, like improving yourself, your unconscious mind will begin to take over the process, slowly at first, and then over weeks and months more and more automatically and it will carry out the editing process before you have time to think about it or notice it happening.

Another thing that will happen is that you will find that there are SOME suggestions which you try to give to yourself, but which you just DON’T BELIEVE, These new images or suggestions are ones that your unconscious mind has a better reason for keeping the old less desirable ones in place.

Next month we will explore what to do when that happens, as well as how to uncover the positive intent behind ‘negative” thoughts ideas or behaviors.

Let me take a moment to stress that these techniques, hypnosis, and self-hypnosis are not intended as replacement for psychological or medical treatment. In the case of medical or psychological issues, PLEASE consult with the professionals.

In the mean time, have a WONDERFUL month- and I am a hypnotist, so that is ONLY a suggestion!

Dean Montalbano practices near the Sea World area of Orlando and can be reached at 407 851 0945


Hypnosis- A World of TRANCE-Formation

Welcome to the wonderful world of Hypnosis…. In this series of articles we will explore what YOU can do to affect your life in positive ways by using YOUR thoughts and your minds. My background is as a hypnotist, so I tend to perceive much of what we do in our lives as the result of some sort of trance. That may be true, and it may be a lie, but if so, it is a USEFUL lie. Our behaviors, attitudes and emotions are all impacted upon by what and how we think. If we change our thoughts or our perception, we can change our experience.

It is my belief that most of the so called problem states that we have in our lives are the result of hypnotic reinforcement, and that we self hypnotically empower the very things we often are trying to change. So let us start there, by examining the trances that we live in. 

A trance is a naturalistically occurring experience that involves an altered focus of consciousness, an absorption of thought and a setting aside of the rational, discriminating CONSCIOUS mind and an empowerment of the unconscious or subconscious mind. Trance is something that each of us does numerous times throughout the day, and in fact, there is evidence to suggest that the only people who DON'T go into trances every day are those whoa re insane. Trance may therefore be the mind's way of resting and allowing the unconscious mind to process the extra stuff that the conscious can't deal with. Our conscious mind is a fabulous thing for dealing with focused attention and with one thing at a time through linear thought. Much of our thinking and living would take MUCH too long for the conscious mind to deal with, and so the unconscious mind, the global, holographic, all aware unconscious mind takes over and deals with all the extra stuff that the mind needs to process. The unconscious mind can handle many more thoughts at a time than the conscious and it is VERY purposeful. It is also VERY faithful; and once given a task, a belief, or behavior, it will continue to do that over and over until given a good reason to do something else. Generally, the unconscious does not deal with negations, so it can't focus on NOT doing something (try NOT to think of a pink elephant right now!) but rather must focus on what to do instead- if and when a change is desired.

Hypnosis is described as the process of CREATING a trance, usually through relaxation as I do with my clients in my office, and then DOING SOMETHING WITH IT. Trance with a purpose! Since we all enter trances many time a day, and we can during those times begin to give new programs and purposes to our wonderful unconscious minds, isn't it a shame that we don't do it more? OR DO WE????! Most of us, when we are drifting, lost in thought and even as we nod off to sleep, are busy focusing upon our problems and limitations. We lament over what we can't do, what we don't like or what we are unhappy about, and at THOSE times, we are giving ourselves suggestions about our state of being. We are in essence using our self-created trances to limit us and our potential… But there is GOOD NEWS!

As you become more aware of what it is you are affirming or focusing your attention on that might be negative, it can be possible to trance-form those thinking patterns into new ones that can start your mind on a new path. You can open your eyes to new possibilities and hear the sound of a new et of affirmations and songs from within your heart. The first step is noticing…

Notice how and what you think about during those off times. Listen to the self talk that you repeat over and over in your mind (I'm fat. I'm unhappy. Etc) and start to become more aware of all the suggestions, positive and not so positive that you are giving your unconscious mind to follow. That is the FIRST STEP to TRANCE-Forming yourself and that is your assignment between now and next month. Over the months that follow I plan to talk about how you can use affirmations, self hypnosis, and more to change your options and potentials. I will talk about Past life Regressions and some of the work that we typically do as a Licensed Hypnotist as well as the value of using affirmation and self hypnosis tapes which you make or purchase professionally recorded.

Until then, please enjoy your self in every way possible and acceptable- And I am a hypnotists, so that is ONLY a suggestion!


Hypnosis A World of TRANCE-Formation

By Dean Montalbano

Welcome back!  Hopefully, those of you who read last months article have been carefully listening to your own self talk and have been becoming more aware of the suggestions, positive and/or negative that you have given yourself. (Those who missed it can find it on my web site newsletter.)

Let’s begin this month by having you write down the affirmations or “I am” statements you observed in yourself; the good and the negative. The good might include things such as “I can do this.  I am ok.  I deserve to be happy.” or anything similar that you may have come up with.  The negative might include things like: “ I am too fat. I’m ugly. I can’t do that.”

Now, I’d like you to do what I usually do for my hypnosis clients, and listen to the WAY in which you say each of these things internally.  In other words, listen to the voice, tone and inflection that you use in your inner mind when you say these things and notice the differences or similarities. Notice how much energy, passion or belief seems to be behind the words as you say them.  Try to hear, see or get   feel for weather you say these things as if they were questions (With a rising, questioning tone.) or statements of fact.

One of the things I tend to notice in my clients is that their negative statements are said with MUCH conviction and strength behind them. In other words, they BELIEVE in and have emotion behind the powerful negative things they say about themselves. Conversely, the positive things often use a passive, or childlike voice, or they say them in the form of a question; “I can DO this?”  They even have ME doubting it, and I always believe in the unlimited potential of all of my clients to change!

Often, future successful hypnosis clients will discover that the negative affirmations they use are said in someone ELSE'S voice!  The vocal pattern will be totally different than normal, and will be that of a parent or someone from their past who may have said those self same negative words to them- and now the client is continuing the job for them. The point here is that often we BELIEVE the negative affirmations and give them more

In future columns we will explore what to Do with these negative affirmations to shatter or TRANCE-form them into more useful constructive thoughts, beliefs, ideas and behaviors- but the self talk is only a small portion of the puzzle.  For the next four weeks, continue to notice what you are saying about yourself, aloud or on the inside, and whenever possible, or whenever a statement strikes you as significantly USEFUL or significantly damaging, Write them down!  They will be useful in another column or two down the road.

So far, we have spoken very little about hypnosis explicitly, yet what you are doing each time you repeat a negative affirmation or self-statement is to reinforce a hypnotic suggestion upon yourself.  If you are in an emotional statement when you say these things aloud or silently, you further empower their ability to affect the mind and body since emotions are their own special trance anchors. There are other aspects to these self-created trances, one of which is visualization. The pictures of images we make in our minds, or think of, (For those who may not be able to actually visualize.) also create and perpetuate trance states within us, and while there are positive ones- it is the negative images that will be our next focus.  For the next few weeks, pay attention to your inner state whenever you find yourself in a less than desirable mental, emotional or unmotivated state.  Notice what images you are making of yourself and your present, or your desired condition. If you don’t think you visualize, than just be aware of what you are THINKING OF….  Are you thinking of yourself smiling? Confident? Miserable?  Are you thinking of how it will look out of your own eyes or do you envision it like a movie, being watched as if you were an outsider?  (Associated V/s Dissociated)

What I am trying to accomplish by having you listen to yourself, and be aware of internal thoughts or pictures is to notice when and where your OWN thoughts may be creating, empowering or perpetuating the very things in your life and mind that you are desirous to change.  In the next column we will talk about how to begin to alter those internal representations, and after that how to use simple relaxation and trance techniques on yourself..

In the mean time, have a WONDERFUL month- and I am a hypnotist, so that is ONLY a suggestion!



This Months Thoughts---

Designed to help you become who you wish to become, NOW

By Licensed Hypnotist, Dean Montalbano

I’d  like to start this new series off with a brief introduction and suggestion that YOU are ready to be and become ALL that you wish to be and become. There is literally NOTHING that stands in your way except the techniques needed to help you connect with the Unconscious mind, the collective Unconscious of Jung, and the Higher Self of Huna. These powerful forces in our lives are ALL the territory of the hypnotist, and over the next few months it will be my pleasure to offer you some ideas, wisdom and inspired thoughts for your continued Trance-formation.

One of the most powerful forces within us is our own belief, and I think that belief is an excellent place to start this column. If you are to experience any blockages or obstacles in using the tools I offer you here, it will be all chalked up to the topic of belief. Remember back to your school days and the teacher that you just KNEW hated you?  Weather that was TRUE or just a belief made no difference in how you perceived everything that teacher did or said to you. It was all a function of belief.  That look, which COULD have been one of actual interest became one of distain when ran through the filer of belief.  To an over zealous teenager, even  being told “get lost creep” could become “SHE LIKES ME” when run through filters of inner thought.

Beliefs will affect how we react to Doctors who give us diagnosis or sentences of a given disease. A person who believes that the body is self healing will react differently from a person who believes that the body is in a constant state of decay. One person will begin to feed the body not only in the physical sense but in the spiritual sense, to bolster the spirit from the inside out, whereas the other may begin to decay the spirit through criticism, denial of spirit and sink into depression.

Many people have been told that EVERYONE over 30 needs glasses, and those who believe it may find themselves MUCH more likely to experience that reality than those who do not.  Likewise within my work as a hypnotist, people who believe that they can NOT change WILL not change until such time as that belief is altered and there is SOME reasonable doubt that can creep in and play with the fabric of that belief. How one goes about changing a belief can be a mysterious process or the result of reaching a breaking point, but as certainly as you can choose to believe or NOT believe what you read in this column, so too will you alter the way in which the information is received.

Most of us tend to run with a lot of negative filters and beliefs in place, we lose our connection with the divine. We affirm them day in and day out by saying things like “I’ll never be thin.”  Or “I’m just not supposed to have a relationship.”  Why the heck not?  Who says? Not SUPPOSED To according to who?  TO YOU!  That is the key.

And so- your assignment for the next month is to listen to what you say to yourself in a negative OR positive fashion and ask what that suggests about what you BELIEVE to be true. When you make some statements of “fact” ask your self what it is that you BELIEVE or value or understand that makes that so, and begin to search for beliefs that may be holding you back. Next month we’ll talk about some ways to find your reconnection with the divine, and realign those beliefs!

MARCH 2001

Well, the second consecutive month of managing to get my newsletter back on line- and rather amazing considering how slow things seem to move in February sometimes.  Here's the news update.

  • Things are moving forward now with getting my hypnosis. tapes out in the major bookstore chains.  The ISBN#'s are being registered and should be getting online within the next month

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March's Thought's

So, last month you were supposed to take some time to examine your beliefs and what they meant to you. Hopefully you took the time to do that and to really enjoy and understand what sort of thinking you have been perpetuating.  Sometimes, our beliefs are sneaky little thing- I had one play games with me this past month.  For a long time I had a belief that you never met people worth dating when you were looking- so of course when I decided to dedicate the first half of my year to work only, I have been meeting really nice people all over the place and making new friends.

Not all beliefs are so friendly, and I hope you have started to examine both the useful and NOT so useful thoughts you've been engaged in. Hopefully we can offer some useful ideas on how to tranceform those in months to come.

One of the first steps in changing any belief however is identifying it, and giving it some kind of form. That form might be a name, a picture or another symbol that your unconscious mind can use to give some substance to this amorphous belief that you wish to change. You might view a belief about your own personal limitations as a stockade holding you back and keeping you from moving forward in your life.  Perhaps your belief seems less concrete and as such come to mind as a blob of color.  It doesn't matter what thought, image or name you chose to give to this limiting belief, only that you allow it to become symbolize in some way that you can think of it or change it someway.

Now, no doubt that belief had some very good reason for having been created, and it has served some real keen function for you, even if the behaviors that accompany it might not have always been in your own best interest. But wouldn't it be interesting if there was a way to stretch one's definition of that belief or of what it means in such aw ay to allow yourself to think of it or experience it in some new way and allow either a new belief to take it's place, or to allow new BEHAVIORS that are even more useful to come into your daily living.

Allow that symbol of your problem belief and associated behaviors, we'll call that behavior "X", to share with you some POSITIVE function or what it's INTENT was for you that was GOOD AND POSITIVE even if the belief or manifested behaviors were not always so good. IF for whatever reason the part of yourself that has created that belief doesn't want to allow that information to be conscious, simple ask for a feeling, sensation or a sense of "Knowing" that lets you know that IT is aware of it's positive intent, and then, allow your creative part (the part that creates in some way, even if it's creating  a peanut butter sandwich) to come forward and join forces with the part responsible for the "X" behaviors and create 20 or more NEW options for ways that it could behave in a way that is more useful and at the same time allow the INTENT behind the belief that was GOOD to be produced even more effectively and in a  way that it would be APPRECIATED for it's job!

Ask your unconscious mind to give you a sign, a feeling or an awareness that it will take the responsibility of trying these out and using them in whatever ways are best for YOU and enjoy some NEW beliefs and thinking in your strong months to follow!






Inspired Thoughts

April 2001

  • I am looking at a BUNCH of class dates for everything from How to find a relationship- to Prosperity consciousness, so if you are interested please E mail me and let me know.

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Hypnosis on the internet-

Most of you reading this article use computers on a  regular basis, you are web savvy and understand how to use ICQ, IM’s or some other form of instant messaging system- but are you also aware that as you do these things you are most certainly using powerful forms of self hypnosis to fabricate a reality from a two dimensional representation?

As we move into the new Millennium, psychologists and sociologists alike are going to be studying the affects that the internet is having upon our lives, our minds, and our social structure. As a hypnotist, I have already spent a lot of time noticing the phenomena of transdirvational searches as they apply to meeting people from the online environment.

All language is, in essence, meaningless.  The printed words that you are reading upon this virtual page carry no inherent meaning other that which you assign to them, and everyone goes through a process to make sense out of these words and the sentences they construct.   When a person says a word like: “love” or “hate” to you, you have to have SOME mechanism by which to understand what they mean by those words, and so you go inside and go back in time through your experience unconsciously, and do a search, a transdirivational search, to find past experiences, past emotions, sounds, feelings, thoughts and sensations that are connected to that word.  It is by this process that we communicate and it takes place almost instantly.

Because the process happens without conscious thought, we tend to not be aware of how powerfully we can DISTORT or invent meaning from what people say based upon out own experiences. We do this based upon what WE think, not necessarily an understanding of what the SPEAKER thinks. We do have a series of ‘checks’ in our understanding mechanism in that all communication is redundant. If someone says “I am happy”, and they ARE actually happy , their voice tone, muscle tension, facial blood flow responses, inflection, and body language all give the SAME message. Our unconscious mind analyzes ALL these channels at once to understand the REAL meaning of the words it is hearing, or at least a “More Real” meaning.   But how does all thus apply to the internet?

In communications online, PARTICULARLY with people we have never met, we are given only ONE channel with which to understand. WE have ONLY the printed word.  We have no Inflection, no body language, no sounds to hear. The result is that when we do a transdirivational search to understand what is written in front of us, we do the same thing we do when reading a work of fiction, we hallucinate the rest of the information.  We imagine. We pretend. We make it up.  This process serves us VERY well when reading fiction, but NOT very well when trying to actually communicate with someone online.

When we hear someone use the same WORDS that we typically use when communicating we erroneously think they mean the same thing by those words that we do, and yet, the more abstract the concept represented by that word or word group, or  the more complex the word group is, the LESS likely it is that you and the writer have the same REAL meaning behind those words. 

Often, people talk to folks online for a long time, they develop online romances,  and then they finally meet only to have the entire fantasy fall apart.  They get angry or accuse the OTHER person of having been deceptive, when OFTEN the deceptions that exist were completely their own mind. People have already related many experiences to this author that when they have met people from online after only a short introductory period, the meetings were far more acceptable than with people they had spoken to for a long time.  MOST online communications are made quickly and conversationally, and therefore the WRITER has a clear sense of what they mean when they write, while the reader will not. It is wise, for anyone who seeks to really communicate, and really get to know people online, be prepared to ask a LOT of questions and to NEVER EVER assume that you really UNDERSTAND what someone means by the words they type.

There is a technique that can be helpful in online communication to allow you to extract a BIT of a deep structure of what people say actually means. By stepping OUTSIDE of yourself for a moment, and asking yourself what YOU would mean by those typed words, what your MOTHER would mean by the SAME words, what your best friend would mean, and then what someone from work who you don’t like even a little bit would mean, you can perhaps begin to get a small sense of how misunderstandings arise in chat rooms, instant messages, E mails and every other form of written online communication.

Hypnosis happens everyday, in MILLIONS of ways, and it is part of the process by which we understand and sometimes misunderstand the world.  Use your trance well!    

Inspired Thoughts

May 2001

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This Month's newsletter is about our LANGUAGE and about how so much of what we say implies failure and lack.... It is based upon a WONDERFUL book called the Language Codes!

Alright... So last month we talked about online hypnosis- this month we'll be talking about the hidden hypnosis within our LANGUAGE!

Our language is often a language of presupposed lack and failure.  We say things like I hate this or that, I want, I need, I will try, and in each of these statements is an implied unconscious component that carries with it a sense of doubt, lack or fear.

When we say we will "TRY to be there on time," we will "TRY to quit smoking," or we will "TRY another dating situation," we are implying by that very word, "Try," that we shall fail! It implies an ATTEMPT rather than doing or succeeding. When we say "I will Try" we are giving our unconscious mind a command that reads something like this: I am willing the process of attempting something into being.  But TRYING and HAVING are two different things.  If you instead say "I will do this, I am creating this or I will find ways to put this into action," you can implying a whole other set of values, processes and actions. Simply eliminating the word TRY from your vocabulary will allow you a greater freedom to DO and to BE rather than investing your will and willingness into the endless process of TRYING.

Another amazing word is SHOULD... I SHOULD do this is a guilt trip, and endless finger pointing back at yourself admonishing the little child within who didn't make their bed.  But there is a secret mental re-write that when you execute it takes all the built up power of SHOULDS away from them in an instant.  It's a simple switch of letters and even SOUNDS the same.  Think of anything you often tell yourself you SHOULD do, and instead, insert the word "COULD" into the sentence....  Notice the amazing change in how you THINK about that same task.  "I SHOULD stop smoking," becomes "I COULD stop smoking."  Notice how that change of phrase transforms your internal coding now and activates a whole new line of thinking....  You begin to notice what stands in your way and what you will do in order to make that could into AM!

Another word that carries with it a lot of negative power is the word NEED  When you say " I need" something you are basically creating an equation in which the being known as "I" Equals "Need" of something and you will thus go RIGHT ON NEEDING IT.  You create a mental image or statement that tells your unconscious mind that this is what you ARE.  Instead, Make statements about what you are CREATING rather than what you need.  Instead of I NEED love, say I AM love!  and notice not only how you THINK about it, but what happens in your life. When we stop NEEDING and start BEING  we are, have, create and exist within a  world where we have all that we require!

Remember that the language we use carries with it a variety of implications and those are suggestions, hypnotic words that we speak to our unconscious minds and which can either empower us or limit us... what suggestions are YOU giving yourself?!   

Until next time.......



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