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Creating Happiness from within free info before buying or scheduling private sessions

Self hypnosis can be a useful tool for helping you to generate more happiness in your life from within yourself. Serious sadness or depression should always involve the intervention of a professional counselor, however.

One way to begin doing self hypnosis for a more joyful attitude is to enter a light trance state and allow your unconscious mind to go back in time to times and places in your life where you had the type of happiness and joy you are now seeking to re-create, weather they are real or imagined times is not even important.  Only that they be accurate for you.  Next, begin allowing you unconscious mind to surround each of those times with a light of whatever color you choose, and associate a single word with that feeling.

Notice internally, how you are holding your body, thinking and even breathing during those times.  Are you making positive pictures in your mind, are you breathing high in your chest, are you standing straight.  Next, imagine stepping into that same PHYSICAL state in your current situation, and notice how that begins to change your attitude and feeling about a given time in your life for the better.

General suggestions you can also give yourself involve   exercising more   options in your life to create joy in positive ways from the inside.  Releasing old fears and worries that no longer serve a purpose. 

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