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This installment is being written as I have JUST finished boarding up my house for the approach of hurricane Frances. As usual, any such events usually makes me, and those around, more open to various types of input.  Emotions are running high, most of it fear based, here in the Orlando area as we took a mighty blow from Hurricane Charlie, some having had power restored just last week. During these “open” times, the unconscious mind is even more present than usual and can me used even more effectively than usual in every day life.  One trick is simply to keep giving yourself positive affirmations throughout the day as much as you can.  Talk about what you WANT to be true as if it was.  Do not speak of what you do not want.


During this open time, I was drawn to purchase a book by Russell Targ.  Russell was responsible for most of the original government remote viewing program and has a lot of great books on remote viewing, the concept of a non-local mind and distance healing. In this particular book, I was drawn to a concept and as I found it so dynamic, I plan to do a lot more work with it and possibly even release some new recordings soon based upon the concept…  The concept I speak of is that of:


Changing The Host


So many people think of themselves as a discrete entity, solely contained within the body. What science, and mystics agree upon in many instances is that we are more than the body and brain.  The concept of “mind” flabbergasts some scientists to the point of oblivion- but most will agree that they have experienced the concept of having a MIND that is separate from the body and from the brain itself.  That the mind extends beyond the physical boundaries of either of those. Yet, when illness strikes, we suddenly think of ourselves as an island, self contained and doomed to this dis-ease within our “peel.”


What Russell Presents, and what I have found such a delightful metaphor is the idea of “changing the host.”  Each of us is a host, if you will. We host the mind and give it a place to intersect with the physical plain on some new level of existence.  We nourish this host with food, and water and in return the mind (Soul? Nephesh?) has a place to hang out and interact physically with other mind/bodies. We in essence host the mind within the peel. Weather you believe in life after death, heaven or reincarnation, then a part of you understands this idea that we live on after the host ceases to be.


Certainly, if the host is compromised, if the body is injured, the mind is affected.  In lesser cases, there is simply discomfort, and some reprogramming in the mind that makes this new injury or ailment part of the future reality.  In other cases, the mind initiates a healing process that allows the body to restore itself to previous state of being. So… what happens when a serious dis-ease sets in to the body?  Things such as: cancer, Aids or other such ailments?


In these cases, the body is still hosting them.  They are NOT natural to the host, but rather are visiting. These dis-eases are not a PART of the body, but still foreign to it, just as the unwanted house guest who never leaves STILL does not “belong.” The host has, for whatever reasons, set up conditions that allow this unwanted guest to set up house keeping and move in.  Usually, a person “diagnosed” (you could also use the word sentenced the way most MD’s do it.) with a serious ailment can then accept the programming, and hard wire it in, allowing the guest to install a permanent change of address card with the metaphysical postal service and take up a permanent address within the host.


Suppose you had such an unwanted house guest, unemployed cousin Billy for instance, who refused to get a job. Now, let’s say you had unlimited resources and could rename the street, change the outside of your house, alter your families name and appearance.  Eventually, Billy wouldn’t be able to find his way home.  His host’s house would have changed enough that he would be forced to go elsewhere. Well, the same is true of dis-ease, and I even include the idea of obesity in that. If you make enough changes in the Host, the dis-ease will not no where to go/be/do.  Of course this is a childlike metaphor for a complex series of internal adjustments, but it is accurate at the same time.


So, How do we change the host.  This is a question that many have pondered, but wise men in India and other mystical countries have had a firm grasp on all along. It is a concept of changing the rhythm of the body/mind/soul in such a way that the host is renewed and access the blueprint for perfect health in an attempt to stamablize this renewal. The easiest ways to change the host are physical/ habitual changes that later alter thinking to support the new vitality. This begins with a simple step, and follows a path.


1)      Recognize that a dis-ease ( A deterioration in the ease of the body’s function.) exists within the host and that it must be allowed to be released if ease is to be restored.  You have to acknowledge that “this” (heart problem, high blood pressure, heaviness, depression) has found a place to visit, and that it is important to make it unwelcome.

2)      Start making changes in the host EACH AND EVERY DAY and if you find your resolve faltering, remind yourself of item # 1.  These can include things such as: morning or evening prayer. Giving thanks for the day. Saying grace before meals. Taking a walk once or twice a day. Regular meditation. Release of processed foods. Rewarding ones self with a sweet or favorite food on RARE occasions so they become a treat. Examining your negative self talk, and making a list of positive self talk to replace it.

3)      See yourself in perfect health one month, six months, a Year, 5 years down the road, and look backward from the future to now.  Notice how you view your past self from this future vantage point.  What about him/her to you admire, and what do you recoil at or which would change. Use this reaction to make further adjustments in the host.

4)      As the dis-ease what aspects of the host it finds most attractive and most enticing to stay around. Then, ask yourself what changes would make the host less hospitable for the guest and more conducive to ease.


Begin implementing these techniques, and be amazed at the changes!!!



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