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Welcome to a new year!

Several subscribers posed their resolutions to me, and I offered to give some suggestions as to how to get them.  First, the basic process: 

Start by stating. " I Want X"  (Whatever X may be.)  Then ask.  "What does THAT get for me that is good?"  and then take that answer and repeat those steps until you end up with an outcome (not a goal but an outcome) that is: 

1- Stated in the positive ONLY. (Not what you DON'T want, or what you want less of etc.. Only what you DO want.) 

2- Free From Comparison. (No  er, est, less, more  ie  No Less stressed, More relaxed, happier. These are all examples of comparisons.) 

3- Things that can be initiated and maintained entirely by you without reference to outside forces.  (Ie- "People will like me." is NOT self initiated.  "I will behave in a way that seems more likable to me" is) 

4 Has a clear cut SENSORY BASED criteria for knowing you have achieved it.  (Ie what can you, or ANYONE LOOKING AT YOU see with their eyes, hear with their ears etc that would let you, them, and me KNOW that you had achieved your goal.)

5 What keeps you from having that already? What stands in your way? 

6 What resources (that meet conditions 1-4 above) would be required to overcome the obstacle mentioned in #5. Resources are: feelings, memories, states of mind, feelings, attitudes, behaviors, reactions ALL OF WHICH COME FROM INSIDE ONLY.

7 Where in your life have you already had or exhibited those resources (regardless of context) or seem them in someone else. 

8 What SENSORY BASED cues told you or anyone looking that you/they was/were demonstrating those resources back then. 

9 If you applied those resources toward those obstacles in a way that overcame them. What would it look like? 

(note- running through those questions SHOULD take a few HOURS if done properly- so if you think you've already answered them - then you didn’t take long enough to do so.) 


Go to that link and explore that article for the kinds of higher level goals I mean and an introduction to that idea. 

Now- For weight loss- focus on the idea of eating and THINKING like slim people. Make pictures in your mind of you slim.  Try that life on for size. In a dream like state, imagine an entire week in that body, then, when you have done that a few times, an entire MONTH.  You WILL get there. 

Being more organized- think SMALLER.  People who get disorganized or who procrastinate tend to think in HUGE chunks that get overwhelming.  No wonder that a “pile” becomes the filing method of choice.  The same goes for Procrastination. 

In short- use the process above on ANY goal, and you will loosen the inertia that has stood in your way. 





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