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Terms Of Service

In all cases, the term "User" shall refer to anyone accessing or viewing the web site Hypnodean.com, making purchases through this site, using any and all resources on this site free or purchased, contacting The Company and/ or any of its representatives in any way, shape or form.

The term "The Company" shall refer to Leaping Lizards Publishing, Dean Montalbano as well as any and all employees, associates and/or relatives therof.

The Term "Materials" shall refer to all information and/or services received from this site, and or linked to and/or from this site in any and all forms.

The User agrees to use all materials at their own risk.  User is at least 18 years of age. User agrees that these materials are for their own personal use ONLY. Materials are not to be copied, shared, duplicated, resold, broadcast or used in any way not specifically allowed in these terms of service.

User may use these materials at their own risk, and may make archive copies of the materials but may not share them in any way shape or form without violating federal copyright laws.

The User agrees to hold the Company free from any and all liabilities that may arrise from the use or misuse of these materials.

The User agrees that the company may, at any time and without notice, modify these Terms of Service and the user will be bound by those modificiations.



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