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NLP Information

NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming was founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder around the  early eighties.  In it’s original form, it was essentially a set of linguistic tools for accurate communication and modeling and allowed people in various communication fields such as therapy, sales and motivational speakers to really know and understand the processes by which we as human beings communicate.

NLP was a modeling tool that allowed the skilled practitioner to understand how excellent performers perform excellently- a set of tools and train of techniques that would allow one to really understand processes and states that other experts go through to achieve results.

Early on, Bandler and grinder modeled a number of experts, almost magical therapists such as Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson, and from those sessions were born many of the NLP “therapeutic” or change oriented techniques.  In many people’s minds, NLP is in fact a form of waking hypnosis in which we guide awareness, imagery, and internal experiences in such a way that we allow people to experience more choices in how they behave and allow them to make changes in undesirable thoughts, attitudes, beliefs poor behaviors.

The work booklets that accompany each of our self-hypnosis tape sets are in essence guided NLP sessions of a sort that set up the changes before the hypnotic audiotapes are used.  This approach then uses the hypnosis to “cement” the changes in place and make them generative.

NLP has brought us various tools and techniques over the years such as the NLP spelling strategy, “Fast Phobia Cure,” and many others.

There are many excellent books available on the subject by various authors, and some NLP web sites will be added to my LINKS page as time goes on.

Some suggested reading:

By Richard Bandler and/or John Grinder:

"The Structure of Magic Vol I and II"

"Frogs Into Princess"

"Magic In Action"

"Using Your Brain For A Change"

By Steven and/or Connirae Andreas

"Change Your Mind and Keep The Change"

"Heart Of The Mind"



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