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Selling Success

  • For ANY commission Sales people!


  • Sell More with Fewer Returns!


  • Be The STAR of your Sales Team


  • Hypnosis, Subliminals and NLP for Persuasion


  • Companion Book Available SOON


  • Get The Winning Edge!


$elling $uccessAgain


A Seminar On CD

Using hypnosis, NLP, $ubliminal communication and The Principles of Influence to $ELL MORE and MAKE MORE MONEY!


Nearly Twelve Hours of Recording!


Based upon my Two day seminar in Hypnotic $elling and Persuasion. This Twelve HOUR PROGRAM  on 8 Cd's contains all the material from my live class and MORE.


$uccessful $ales people, who know how to MAKE MONEY and persuade people to make the APPROPRIATE purchase for their needs KNOW THESE SKILLS! $uccessful $ales people know how to create WIn WIn situations where their clients are PLEASED, and will refer NEW clients with JOY. $uccessful $ales people KNOW the skills from THIS TAPE SET and use them to MAKE LOTS OF MONEY!  Now YOU CAN TOO.


In this 8 CD set, you will learn about ALL this and MORE!



  • Make Money through the Influence Principle$

  • Make Money by doing what you do well, BETTER. and by doing what OTHER$ DO WELL YOURSELF!

  • Make what you say practically IRRE$I$TIBLE to your customers!

  • Build Rapport that makes your CU$TOMER into your BE$T FRIEND... and make more CASH!

  • Set effective $elling goals on an UNCONSCIOU$ level.

  • Learn $imple $elf hypno$i$ techniques to help YOU remove your own INTERNAL obstacles.

  • Communicate in $ubliminal and Unconscious ways to persuade Customers to  find reasons to BUY NOW and be HAPPY with their purchase.

  •  $peak the customer's language and win their $ale!

  • Built credibility and learn ways to PRACTICE hypnotic selling technique$ that work to make you more MONEY!

  • Learn ways to make their objections VANISH into a $ale!

  • Learn principles of NLP that let you know WHAT they are thinking, HOW they are thinking, and if they are telling the TRUTH!

  • Learn about Yes $ets in an UNCONSCIOUS WAY!

  • Experience EXERCISES meant to change YOUR attitude, and to LEARN these $kills in $afe and useful ways!

  • Enjoy hidden hypnotic messages and $uggestions throughout this ENTIRE $eminar to help you learn consciously and Unconsciously and MAKE MORE MONEY!

  • Learn the WAYS people think so you can talk in THEIR LANGUAGE!

  • Create AMNE$IA to allow customers to forget negative experiences in the past and focus on their pleasant buying experience in the future.

  • Insure they REALLY REMEMBER what you want them to remember and make your client happy!

  • Eliminate resistance and prevent returns BEFORE they happen.

  • Conversational Hypno$i$!  The secrets of influence as you speak!

  • Turning a loss or liability into an a$$et through REFRAMING!

  • Using your voice as a POWERFUL selling weapon to communicate $ubliminally.

  • Using hypnotic $tories to make a $ale

  • Presuppose a $ALE and presuppose $ucce$$!

  • Develop hypnotic $ales $cripts for phone sales and pitches- also useful for written sales material.

  • Use Hypnotic QUESTION$ to communicate and make a Sale!

  • Learn about UNIVERSAL programs that people follow that you can USE and create MORE MONEY in your pocket!

  • Learn the procedures that you can use or adapt to your situation in appropriate ways to get your client to like you, and to make that sale.

  • And MUCH MUCH MORE including Free Bonuses not taught at Live seminars!

  • Two New tapes added for 2002 feature Exercises to help you LEARN this dynamic material in your every day life FEARLESSLY!


And remember, this is nearly a 



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