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Live Hypnosis Session at YOUR location

Yes, I can come to you but you need to consider these things:

Do you have a professional location, business office or conference room at your place of work that we can use for a 2 hour uninterrupted block of time?

Are you comfrotable when people ask questions about our "meetings" dealing with those questions and arranging any needed security clearances?  (Note we travel with a rolling case that contains our computer and audio equipment used during sessions.)

Can you turn off all phones, distractions, pages, and make certain you will not be disturbed?

If you can do this, than you can have live hypnosis consultations at your place of business.  This page will give you all the other details you need, and this page will send you to the required paperwork.

Having us come to you is a great alternative for busy professionals who are within 45 minutes of drive time from Sand Lake and I-4.   We typically will not travel more than that unless it is a private training or there are several appointments in one locations, and then there are additional charges.




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