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Using Hypnosis to Open Up To Love

All too often, we spend out time, focusing upon what we fear or what we do NOT want rather than what we seek, and this is almost always the case of those who have problems finding love.  Also, those who find themselves single, especially as we near Valentines day, tend to increase the number, types and amounts of negative suggestions that they give themselves.

One of the Most important things in using HSR to open up to relationships and attract love is to get a clear idea of what it is you want in your mind.  NOT what you DON'T want, but rather what you DO want and what it WILL BE LIKE when you have it.  MOST of the time, when we are lost in a negative situation we spent our time thinking about how and it is, why we're miserable being alone or what we do NOT Want from love- but we never really focus upon what we DO want.

Every time you think about or focus upon the negative, you are giving your unconscious mind a set of instructions you are telling that THIS is what you want it to CREATE- the very thing you are trying to AVOID.

By using Our Relationship Readiness tape set, you can find yourself more open to the idea of a relationship and begin to lessen the negative imagery, but there are ways you can do it on your own.

Whether you choose to Learn Self Hypnosis, or simply do this work consciously, there are some steps you ought to go through:

  • Begin by listing all the thing you say you do NOT want and all the negatives you have experienced in the past....

  • Using that as a start point, now write a positive description of what you DO want for each point on the Do Not want list.

  • Make a clear picture of how you know you have achieved those things, but do so referencing ONLY yourself.  In other words, how will you feel, behave and act differently when you are ready willing, open or already HAVE the love of your life.

  • DO focus upon yourself and how it will be, but do NOT include specific names of a person, or specific things about the person you will be with.  Just focus upon YOUR state and w\how you will Be, feel, think, act and perceive your world and yourself differently.

  • Once you have a RICH experience of what it will be like from INSIDE YOUR OWN EYES, make a pin, or drawing that for you represents that ideal... A simple design, flower of the like... and carry that with you.

  • BURN or SHRED the first list, the DO NOT WANT list, and imagine those things going far into your past and being located in  distant time on your time line.

Do this for 5 days and WONDER at the results of how differently you feel and ACT!

ENJOY YOUR SELF and be open to LOVE   




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