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Free Weight Loss self hypnosis Info before buying or scheduling private sessions.

Weight control through hypnosis is probably one of the two most popular topics when  people ask about using self hypnosis for change.  It is true that many many Americans are more than their ideal weight and have tried many things to shed those pounds, hopefully under the supervision of their Doctor.  However, many also find it difficult to accomplish their goals and seek hypnosis as a panacea, which it is not.  Hypnosis for weight loss is a complex process, but it must be made clear that hypnosis alone will not "make" anyone lose weight.  Hypnosis is a tool which can be used to: explore and release the cause of the weight on an emotional or secondary gain level,  motivate one to follow moderated eating plans, or to eat more healthily, change attitude and ideas toward the concepts of exercise and lifestyle changes that can promote thinness, and much more.

The keys to using self hypnosis for weight loss are to  first off, enter a light trance state, then, begin by asking yourself to discuss or explore what contributes to your weight issues WITHOUT using terms that reference food or eating.  This will cause you to talk about whatever OTHER issues might contribute to weight gain.  For some people, weight is a way to protect themselves, for others it may be a social statement- it is a VERY individual thing.

In a future session , begin to ask yourself to generate HEALTHFUL solutions to accomplish anything positive being overweight might have been doing for you, and still allow you to reach a thinner, idea weight.  Note that ANY weight loss program should be done under the guidance of your doctor.

Other things to suggest to yourself are ideas about enjoying moderate exercise more, being full with smaller portions, eating whole, prepared foods only, noticing when you are ALREADY doing some of the solutions, and doing more of them.

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