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Road Rage Free Info before buying or scheduling an appointment.

First things first.... DO NOT try using self hypnosis WHILE driving, however, if you find yourself dealing with anger and even inappropriate behavior on the road, you CAN use self hypnosis to deal with the problem.

Once of the basics of using self hypnosis for rage on the road is to create a calm state of being, and a state of peace, and to associate that with the driving environment. Begin by entering a light trance state and then, allow yourself do imagine what it is like to be alert, yet peaceful and relaxed. Continue to maintain that peace, associating it in your mind with several things.  Associate the peaceful state with the feel of your car keys, the sensation of the steering wheel, and the feeling of the seat under your bottom. 

Next, imagine three of the scenarios that typically "set you off' when driving.  Is it people who cut you off? Red cars tailgating?  What else might bother you when you drive?

Imagine what resources, what internal states you would need to remain in the Alert, state  even in those circumstances, and then mentally rehearse what it will be like to be able to do that, even in the circumstances which HAD caused you to be uptightl before.

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