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Success through self hypnosis-

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Creating More success in your life is often a matter of belief and of putting yourself in a successful state of mind.  A technique known as the "circle of excellence" can be useful in both business and personal situations where you need to create a state of confidence or other state of excellence to enhance your performance.  

Basically, you simply enter a light trance state and then go back in time mentally to ANY times you have had success or confidence or whatever state that will contribute to your success.  Next, notice, in your mind, things about yourself in that state that you might not have otherwise noticed.  Notice your posture, your breathing, how you think, your voice tone, the way you hold your muscles and your overall state of mind AND body.  Next step IN TO that image, you should notice a change in your immediate body posture etc...

The next step is to imagine  a spotlight, of some color that for you represents confidence, success or whatever that state may be. Imagine that spotlight is storing up the feelings etc. associated with that state. Next, do it with 5 10 or   more OTHER times, each time using the same color spotlight, and making the stored state STRONGER.   Be aware that it doesn't matter if the area you WANT confidence in is work, and you are  remembering times of confidence in dealing with members of the opposite sex. Confidence is confidence when it comes to the state of mind and the STATE is therefore interchangeable.

Once you have collected those states, step out and imagine the spotlight on the floor in front of you.  Set yourself, take a deep breath and step into the spotlight, notice how you feel and act differently.  Now step back out and notice the shift.  

This imagined spotlight is your circle of excellence and you can store it up and carry it with you.  If you need it before an interview or when talking to someone, just take it out, imagine it on the floor and step into it.  If you have an important interview upcoming, for a few days out enter a light trance and imagine the circle WAITING FOR YOU when you arrive.  It should be on the door you will pass through, in the parking lot or somewhere BEFORE where you actually need it. 

You can use this technique to harvest and collect any states of mind and being that you need in order to be more successful in ANY circumstances...  confidence, calm, competence etc... Now, it is IMPORTANT that you pick INTERNAL states that will help you act be and behave in ways that you want- Not states that depend upon the actions of others. If you need EXTRA HELP you can always try our tape set:

"Circle Of Excellence!"



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