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How hypnosis may benefit YOU!

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which we make contact with the unconscious mind, a part of one's inner self that has a duty and right to protect you.  Hypnosis is a motivation, resource finding and building tool that allows us to access ALL of our own potential.  Hypnosis has been used successfully for issues of weight control, smoking cessation, finding inner happiness, getting over fears, recovering past resources, learning to meditate, improving memory, releasing habits, and even medically under a Doctor's care and supervision.

Hypnosis is not a substitute for nor to be used in place of any medical or psychological treatments, and a hypnotists is not necessarily a Medical Doctor or Mental Health Counselor. A Hypnotists can not "heal" or diagnose anything, and is a highly trained professional who knows how to address the inner workings of the unconscious mind to allow an individual to find, create and generate the attitudes, behaviors and resources that they need to have their change or improvement in appropriate ways.

We hope that you enjoy this informative web page, and look forward to your experience in the exciting frontier of Hypnosis.

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Please note that this site has been assembled as a service to my clients and future clients as well as those who have questions about hypnosis and would like to know more about the services and tapes that I offer.  It is available free of charge and is extremely time consuming to maintain.  MOST of the answers you will ever need are here, or available through the list of links located in the information section of this web site.

While I would love to answer every E-mail question I receive, I simply can not handle my clients, various projects as well as thousands of E-mails a day, so please restrict all correspondence to inquiries about orders, private appointments in Orlando, Florida or other related topics when every possible.

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