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Higher Level Goals part II

If you missed last month's newsletter, we talked about the idea of Higher Level goals, and what those were and how to achieve them.  You can Click Here to read that article if you missed a month. This month we discuss what do Do with those goals and some simple sorts of self hypnotic visualizations that can help you  achieve those goals.

You may recall this list of categories from the last article, well this same set of "Logical Levels" can be useful in helping your formulate a change in your thinking, attitude and your behavior.  Start with something you want to change about yourself, some goal you have or something you do that you would rather not do.  In your mind, begin with a description of your PRESENT state, the way it is now BEFORE your change. Start with the lowest level, the level on environment.

Transdimentional-Truth ------------------> Akashic Record
Spirituality ------------------> Who and what else
Decisions ------------------> Free Will
Beliefs ------------------> Why
Meta Programs ------------------> Process
Capabilities ------------------> How
Behavior ------------------> What
Environment ------------------> Where/ Physical Body

At the environment level, think not only of your body, but your physical world.  If you were to describe the problem/ present state, what components of the space around you come into play.  What do you do with your body that makes up part of the problem.  Who, when and WHERE does this happen and what makes up those physical places.

Next, make an internal set of descriptions of the BEHAVIORS that you carry out that make up part of the problem state- ALL of them. If an outside were watching you, what things would be observable that were part of the present/problem state. Also, what non-observable thinking processes make up your INTERNAL behaviors and thinking style.

What things do you feel you are or are NOT capable of that make up part of the present/problem state. For some people a problem means they have a capability they do not wish to have (The capability to eat way past being full.)

Meta Programs are how you think.  In the present state are you an Optimist or pessimist? Some similar distinctions to make include: Do you think in sounds, pictures or feelings? Do you focus on details Or the big picture? Do you move Toward positive things or away from negative? Do you prefer options or procedures? There are many many more such thinking strategies- review in your mind the way you think during your present/problem situation.

Beliefs is next. Take some time to review your beliefs and what you think to be true about you and your life. Especially review those beliefs that relate to a given problem/present state.  Often we create very rich beliefs about what we think we are incapable of dealing with in our lives.

What decisions have you made in your life that relate to the present/problem state.  What decisions did you make that may have even created or brought about this problem. What kinds of choices do you make because of this present/problem state as well.

Now, Spiritually recognize your connection with your higher self and higher power... In that imagine that connection touching all those other levels and realize a certain divine strength being channeled into each of those as you make your way back DOWN those levels.

Ask yourself, given the chance to go back in time and re decide things that had affected the problem state... in your future solution state what will those decisions have been changed to and how will one think and act when you have your change?

In your new future, how will your beliefs have changed and be different in your life to support the new change that you are now already starting to create through this process?

What shifts will occur in your meta programs when you have this new future self?

How will your capabilities be different in this new more riche future?  what will you find yourself capable of doing, thinking, feeling or acting that in the old problem state had always been difficult?

What will your behaviors be like in the new future solution?

Lastly, how will your environment shift and be different in the new present solution state that you are currently creating.

If you take half hour or so to do this in your mind and make the present and future states as vivid as possible, even to write them down on paper, you will find that you are able create a compelling future for your unconscious mind. combining this with any of the self hypnotic techniques taught in this web site or with any of  our HSR audio tapes and you can bring about dynamic shifts in your mind and behaviors in JUST the right way!





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