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An Empty Vessel

Mind Fields- Exploding the Limits Of Your Thinking     

By Dean Montalbano


WWWWWwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww BLAM!


The first key to exploring what your mind can do involves the concept of becoming an empty vessel.  Weather your goal is to channel, use self hypnosis, speed read, enter a trance, become psychic or what have you. you will be affected by the stuff you already have in your Bowl.  In this case, the Bowl we speak of is your psychic vessel.  Your mind- Your brain- Your Psyche- whatever you want to call it.  What is that stuff?


Well, that Stuff is your history and basically falls in to one of two categories: It is either "of the Light" or "everything else."


"Of the Light" implies it is connected to that infamous "white light" we hear people speak of.  The light that represents the source of all things and all stuff and that is part of the creator, love, Goddess or whatever other names you might associate with that concept.  The Light is the pure, honest, loving force of energy that is in perfect harmony and balance with the world at large.  The Light is what heals, what helps, what nurtures us.  When one experiences healing by a doctor, a faith healer, or by your mother kissing your "boo boo" so it goes away, one is being touched by that light in such a way that it drives out the disease, or imbalance that had been allowed to infiltrate your physical system.


"Everything else" includes: ideas, vanity, distraction, lust, anger, fear, impatience, lies, cheats, hurt, pain, boredom, and SO MUCH MORE. Everything Else (EE for short) is not in place until we have had time to experience life.  When we are born, we are original and untouched by the outside world.  We are 100% of the Light and we are 100% new.  Babies show miraculous abilities to pattern and model thinking, feelings and behaviors easily and effortlessly. They do so without trying and without any of the inherent hang ups that adults seem to use to stand in their own ways.


Babies communicate with each other in an almost psychic way that defines out known conscious language- perhaps this is the language of the Light.


Now- here is the interesting thing-  Your Bowl is of limitless size when it is filled totally with the light.  When you are born, your bowl is nothing but Light and it is an unlimited font of potentiality that is limited only by those limits upon which you place yourself.  BUT- EE takes up space, and places BOUNDARIES upon the bowl.  As you fill the bowl with EE you begin to define its shape, size and structure and limit how the bowl is able to contain EE as well as The Light. So, each life experience you have enriches your conscious mind, defines your beliefs and who you are, and at the same time begins to limit the amount of space you have for the Light!  The vessel goes from being timeless and inter-dimensional, to being a geometrically boundaried chamber with lid, walls and limit..  In essence, when a vessel is EMPTY it is Limitless in that it can hold as much light as can be thought of.  When the vessel is filled with EE it has only so much room left over to work with the light because EE acts like the greedy bed mate who steals the covers and pushes you to the very edge of the mattress.


Now, when we try to expand our minds through meditation, hypnosis, psychic development or any number of other similar practices that access the inner upper or higher functionings of the mind via other than conscious routes, we are attempting in essence to get back in touch with the limitless vessel and work with The Light.  Often, we find distractions in the form of self talk, doubt, fear, anger and other things get in the way and cause us to be less than as effective as we wish to be.  But that is a function of EE.  The light is our natural born state of being and so it is as natural to work with that as it is for us to breath and as such it finds us when we least expect it and in powerful ways..


The best way to work with this energy is to become an empty vessel again- to get RID of EE- at least for a time being.  Ah- but how does one release a lifetime of fear, hang-ups, anger, self limitations and such?  Years of therapy may help. A religious awakening may spark it.  Near death episodes also often catalyze a sort of cleansing of the vessel, so-to-speak, but even these things eave behind their own issues.  They also often leave one less than functional in the physical world that one new prior. BUT, there are some exercises you can do to become and empty vessel for a PERIOD OF TIME that will allow you to do your Other Than Conscious work with nothing but the Light and in such a way that you can later take possession of EE once again more easily identify what issues may be part of that EE and chose to work on releasing and neutralizing those One at a Time..


I suggest that between now and our next installment that you work at coming up with your OWN exercises for becoming an empty vessel for 5 or 10 minutes at a time, and next month I will share some simple techniques for you to do so!


Part 2

Mind Fields- Exploding the Limits Of Your Thinking     

By Dean Montalbano

So let us continue our exploration of what it means and how to become an Empty Vessel. at least for that time period that we are seeking to do some kind of light work.  To further clarify, Light work is meditation, self hypnosis, prayer, healing, self discovery, path-working and in fact any other-than-physical-worldly pursuits that we might decide to undertake. Light working requires us to step into and join with the Light of the Universal source or the Light of our own higher Good.  In my work as a hypnotist, I am constantly reminded of the unconscious (or subconscious if you prefer) mind's tendency to move only toward things.  That is, the UM (Unconscious Mind) does not process negations in the way that the conscious mind has learned to do so (words like no, not and don't), but instead tends to move toward, rather than away from, most anything it focuses upon. This is the principle of harmonic vibration so often written of in metaphysical texts:   We attract what we vibrate to.


The Junk: anger, fear, worry, doubt all that which makes up Everything Else (EE) that we spoke of last month, takes up room in our vessel, our being if you will, and crowds out the Light.  While we have limitless capacities for the Light within and around us, we have limited space for EE and when we are full of EE, then there is no room left over to contain, experience or join with the Light.


The UM is the keeper of all things not of this realm.  It is the phone line between the conscious mind (what in Huna is called the Middle Self) and the Super Conscious mind, the Light, all that is.  We can not consciously talk to Goddess for we know not her language.  Just as we can not consciously pick up a plate for we do not know how to fire off the proper neurons to send the signals down the proper nerve paths to move the proper muscles to animate the fingers to pick up the plate.  And, if we DID these things consciously, I argue that we would never get anything DONE. It is our UM that takes care of all these necessary calculations and in a speed and fashion that would rival any computer.


So, giving the unconscious mind some set of directions, and allowing it to do what it does, one will find to be a most economical (energy wise) process and one that allows dynamic changes to occur.  Words are cumbersome however and take far too long and allow for far too many variances and hallucinations in the interpretation of their supposed meaning.  Words, written or spoken, are codes for ideas, feelings, pictures, images, meanings and more.  The word "Love" can be uttered by two people in the same sentence and in each of them a startlingly different set of internal experiences is had.  But the word is the same.  No two will agree, internally, on what any one word means or does in a subjective manner and therefore words are NOT the preferred mode of communicating with your UM.  To request of your UM to help empty your vessel, one must use symbols, images, feelings, NON-LINGUISTIC tools, to tell your unconscious the direction in which it is to go.


This is the reason that visualizations have proven to be a most useful and powerful tool in meditations, healing practices, magical practices and even Prayer.  Images held in the mind are spoken right to the unconscious mind which then does something with them.  As it is the UM that has the pipeline to the divine higher self, it is the one that can get the job done.  There are always those at this point who will say "Oh but I can't picture things." and I waste no time arguing a fact that must be false, rather I invite those who feel they are unable to picture things in their mind to THINK of things instead.  If you can not PICTURE and apple, then just think of one, s you read these words for the first or even second time.  Now, is it a red or a green apple you're thinking of right now?  That experience is just as valid and just as useful to your unconscious mind for these purposes.


The tool for becoming an empty vessel then, takes the form of a simple internal thinking trick.  Begin by making a jar.. In your mind or in real life, fabricate a jar and decorate it in any way  that pleases you.  Into the jar, place a few sprinkles of nice smelling herbs and perhaps some salt or some stones that give you pleasure and which for you will represent the purity of this vessel. I allow you the freedom to make this jar real in the 3 dimensional sense only for those who NEED something physical to hold on to and who have not yet worked with their inner mind enough to be comfortable manifesting it in their imaginations only, and reliably again and again.  The physical jar will actually never be used and serves no purpose other than as a physical anchor or reminder of an internally created experience.  As all thoughts are matter, consciousness and energy, they internal world and experience is every bit as valid, and perhaps void of more illusion than, the outside world.


In your mind, manifest this jar, and when you are ready to meditate or to engage in any of those aforementioned pursuits OF THE LIGHT, conjure up your internal thoughts of the jar, and imagine putting Everything Else, that is everything not of the Light, into that jar and setting it aside.  Note that in doing this you are not denying those things that might have gotten in your way, but rather you are making room for the light. When you are done with your light work you will reclaim the contents of the jar, or if you wish, pull out one issue at a time to work on, meditate on and seek to transform in your own way using whatever tools you may choose to use at that moment. 


If, during your meditation or Light Work, you find stray thoughts, self talk, nagging fears, anger or ANYTHING ELSE that distracts you from your purpose arises, simply acknowledge it, place it in the jar with Love, and bring yourself back to center and back to focus upon your work.


When you are done, take your jar with you, and take credit, pride and ownership for Everything Else that is inside. for you earned it and it is yours to do with as you please.


Until the next time...  ENJOY!  And I am a Hypnotist- So that is only a suggestion!




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