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Dynamic propulsion- Now THERE is a loaded statement.

What does it mean to be dynamically propelled toward your goals? It means that you set up a chain of events, a chain reaction, a storehouse of potential energy from the INSIDE of your being, and then allow it to EXPLODE forth in a burst of light that PROPELS you toward your goals.

Wow- That Sounds GREAT- but how do I do it?

We are dynamic beings- that is, we are always moving, inside our molecules and atoms are always spinning and turning and whirring around and our minds are always working overdrive thinking and plotting what out next moment in time will be.

Often, we spend a huge amount of energy and time focusing on our current state, particularly what we have that we do not want and what we are not already happy with.  Our unconscious mind is a very obedient helper and will tend to give us whatever it is we ask for in these mental images.  when we dwell on "negative" states of affair, we only feed the Unconscious mind more of what we already do NOT want.  It in turn takes that and creates more of it.

When we finally realize that we are unhappy with things "As Is" we are only one step closer to getting what we want than we were before.  The next and more important thing to ask yourself is 'What is it that I want INSTEAD of what I have?"  Now, herein is another challenge... asked that question most people will respond with "I don't want....." which is about as useless a way to set goals as anything.  What you MUST do to begin propelling yourself forward toward your new future is to describe in GRAPHIC detail what you WANT.  If you were to make NO REFERENCES to your current state of being, what positive, self-referencing description would you give of what you want at this very moment? Describe everything from how you will stand, your facial expressions, the kind of things you wills ay to yourself in your own mind, how you will react to and handle things differently than you currently do, how you imagine people will see and react to you and what you will do and think if they react in some other way, the sorts of physical activities you will do to support that change, the kinds of actions that you ill need to do, the sorts of things you will be feeling, hearing, saying, eating, and so on. 

Write all this down in a note book...  page after page if it. As many pages as you can.  Then, go back and for every page, write a sentence that summarizes everything on that page.  Each page will have a sentence at the top that is in your unconscious dictionary equivalent to everything you have written in that book.  Then go back again, and come up with ONE or TWO words that for you summarizes the main feeling, thought, idea or concept embodied in each sentence... so from a page to a sentence to a word....  Each page will have a word written atop it...

Next- set a date to initiate this dynamic propulsion... some time, just before bed on that day, take out your note book.  Light a candle and turn out the lights. Go through your note book and re-read each page, then each sentence but as you do, imagine that each letter is being etched in white light or the light from the candle, as if you were reading from a magical book.

Next, go back and read each word from each page aloud... But as you do, do so slowly, imagine the letters leaving your lips and floating into the candle flame where they get set ablaze and their energy BURSTS forth, flowing through you and up your arms, into your spirit, your being, your inner wiser mind. Really play with it like I kid doing a magic spell. At the end, when you are done, close the book and tape it shut. Slide it under your mattress and sleep soundly on it.  In the morning, notice with some interest the new found energy and sense of almost being PULLED toward that future YOU!



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