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About Dean Montalbano and His Practice

Dean A. Montalbano

A Brief Vitae

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Dean A. Montalbano has an extensive history of interest in Hypnosis, which stems back to 6th and 7th grade.  Fascinated with what the mind could do, even then, he set out to study and learn just what hypnosis was capable of.  Turning his youthful attentions toward stage hypnosis, he slowly evolved an interest into more "therapeutic" type pursuits.

After a 10 year break from the field, In 1995, he decided to get back into the study of what the unconscious mind can do to help us help ourselves. After lengthy retraining, apprenticeship and certification, he re-opened his practice in late 1997. Dean is certified through the national Guild of Hypnotists, and the American Board of Hypnotherapy and has apprenticed at the Advanced hypnosis Institute.

Now Dean is constantly striving to help people meet their potentials, and fulfill their goals through motivation, new thinking, mental coaching and focus techniques that combine the fields of hypnosis, NLP and goal oriented interventions through a format he has named Hypnotic Sensory Response (HSR) training. This same kind of unique CLIENT centered approach is featured on each of his audio recordings as well as in the office.

Dean conducts lectures throughout Orlando for various civic and professional organizations to educate the public about hypnosis and what it can do. He is always looking forward to sharing new insights into the up to the minute technology of hypnosis and mental coaching.

In his new office in Orlando, near the Sea World area,  he sees private clients for motivation issues for weight control, smoking, creating inner joy and much more.  Through the magic of digital recording, he also creates self hypnotic audio tape sets which can be purchased on his web site, and soon through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  

Mr. Montalbano also offers custom self hypnosis tapes in several forms and teaches seminars and classes. You can find information about all of these things within this web site, as well as getting answers to many of your basic questions about hypnosis.

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  If you  wish to schedule a private hypnosis session, please feel free to E-mail Mr. Montalbano at hypnodean@aol.com

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