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Learn Self Hypnosis

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Now, as part of my new "Edutainment" tape series- I present this fun, fascinating and informative audio seminar into the world of Self Hypnosis.

This THREE CD recording contains the basic and intermediate  classes that I teach in and around Florida on the subject of self hypnosis- plus some SPECIAL BONUSES not generally covered in those classes. 

Section One  Entitled "An Introduction To HSR",  is an in depth exploration of the subject of hypnosis. You will learn what it is, and what it is NOT as well as gaining an understanding of the theories and practices of hypnosis.

Section Two is an exploration of the world of anchors, signals that you will give your unconscious mind that allow you to enter, and re-enter specific states of mind.  These anchors will help you enter trance easily.

Section Three  features a formal trance induction.  Designed to  allow you to enter and re-enter a trance several times- this unique approach also allows you to enter a bit deeper each time. We also discuss how to USE the trance for change and generative learning.

Section Four continues to discuss Change work, how to set up changes with your unconscious mind. It offers specific techniques for making problems into solutions. It discusses the work booklet which accompanies this and ALL my tape set and guides you through the process of setting up the perfect change in a way that makes it attainable.  It also ends with a  Color Progression guided meditation taking you to your secret place inside of yourself- a special place to go and be peaceful.  Along the way- MANY positive suggestions are offered to help continue with your personal transformation.

Section Five Is A BONUS  recording and features what is known as HYPNO DRUGS- a way of recreating drug or alcohol states WITHOUT using any chemicals or substances- Please note that I do NOT recommend this for recovering addicts.  Learn how to recreate those "buzz" states using only your hypnotic ability.

Section Six, explore other states of mind that can be created through hypnosis including a brief discussion of Hypno Sex, as well as the process of Time Distortion. Imagine if you could take an unpleasant experience and SPEED UP TIME... or make some Pleasurable experience like a kiss or an Orgasm seem to last for an hour!  You can learn how!



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