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Weight Control

Super System!

  • Safe and natural unlike pills and diets

  • Change the way you THINK about food and exercise

  • Yours forever for ONE PRICE not something you have to keep buying and paying for!

This may be


under new tax laws... Ask your accountant!



This weight control tape set is the same kind of program you would experience if coming to Dean for live hypnosis sessions except that you would normally pay five HUNDRED dollars for this service.

This TWELVE CD set consists of both hypnotic and non hypnotic recordings.  The CDs  include trance sessions for weight, eating, food/ mood connection. There are several discussion, set up and homework only recordings.  There are traditional single induction as well as the rare, hard to find unique HSR Double Induction segments Dean is famous for.

These CDs are NOT intended to diagnose, heal or prescribe and specific diet or exercise program so you will want to contact your physician for that kind of information, and these tapes WILL help you make changed inside on a mental, emotional level and get in touch with the thinner trimmer you.

Included with these two volumes are tapes specifically designed for MAINTENANCE so you can maintain your idea natural weight once you achieve it.

SECTION ONE  An introduction to HSR found on all of our Trance-Formation tape sets. It also talks about using the work booklet included with this tape set and utilizes Conversational Hypnosis to help you get moving toward your weight control goal

SECTION TWO Set your PLAN in place. Really understand the two main components to controlling your weight and how your conscious mind may get in the way.  Side Two is your first TRANCE recording designed to allow your UNCONSCIOUS mind to begin formulating the PERFECT plan to help you Gain Thinness without the weight!


SECTION THREE EXERCISE your options and EXERCISE your right to EXERCISE your body and BURN EXCESS calories!  ON Side Two you will TRANCE FORM yourself through the magic of HSR Traditional Double Induction recording to help you motivate and ENJOY healthful activities!


SECTION FOUR  Your Mood often affects your eating and exercise behaviors.  On side One you will explore the "Food Mood" connection and learn how to break the cycle. Side two will TRANCE-Form your thinking and make the food/mood learnings permanent on an unconscious level.


SECTION FIVE Eating is the OTHER half of every weight control equation, with exercise being the other. Here we explore your attitude and understanding regarding portions and types of foods and then we invite you to float away in the comforting world of HSR traditional double induction recording


SECTION SIX STRESS is the number TWO reason people over eat or get off of their exercise plans. (Depression is Number One) Here we talk about ways you can control and handle stress in EFFECTIVE ways and then on side two use a unique trance experience to surround and envelope you joyfully in your new resources!


SECTION SEVEN  SADNESS- the number ONE reason people fall off of their eating and exercise programs. Here we explore your emotional connections to food and activity and then you can enter the world of  Hypnosis!


SECTION EIGHT Boredom and Motivation often get in our way and it is easy to fall back on food to deal with boredom. Of course, it doesn't WORK it only makes up fatter- BUT with this tape you can shatter that old thinking and programming while you TRANCE on side two.


SECTION NINE Holidays, Birthdays and special events can often interrupt a healthful routine with unique socialization and temptations for the taste and the tummy.  This tape helps deal with those SITUATIONAL eating decisions and allows you to enjoy the holidays and events as WELL as your new healthier habits.


SECTION TEN When we change our health and lifestyle we change the way that we relate to the people we care about. This tape is rare in weight loss programs as if focuses upon MAINTINAING YOUR REALTIONSHIPS and enjoying others in your life AS you enjoy your slimmer healthful you


SECTION ELEVEN  As you transform your body you will find that you are capable of many NEW things; physical activities and motions you may have not known for a LONG TIME.  The trance on side two will help you adjust to these in joyful positive ways


SECTION TWELVE Both Sides of this tape are hypnotic in nature and are designed to be used periodically to help you maintain your new healthier you. Many people regain their weight because they depend on situational diets and things that end. this system allows you to make PERMANENT life changes that LAST!


One Year money back guarantee with original purchase certificate.

Lifetime Replacement guarantee.


Weight Control Super System

  Normally $299.95   Limited Time Discount Price $150.00  
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  All Sales Processed Through Leaping Lizards Publishing  



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Why should I invest this much money in my health?

Every year people spend THOUSANDS on weight watcher's type programs only to find that they either don't work or they work ONLY as long as you are on the program.

Most people look at weight control as a temporary  situation- they go on fad diets, but powders and drinks only to fall on their faces or regain the weight. The reason for that is simply that people frame diets as TEMPORARY, they make a decision to lose weight NOW but they don't make any long term changes in how the eat, exercise or THINK about food.

The average person spends $400 a year on Potato Chips and about $500 a year on soda and other sugary or fattening beverages.

Even Doctors will tell you that having even ten extra pounds increases your chance of abandoning the ones you love earlier through medical complications of your weight and with new tax laws you may even be able to DEDUCT THE COST of this tape set! (This varies with the individual- please consult your accountant and physician to see if YOU qualify.)

YES you can use this in conjunction with any other medically prescribed weight loss program and it will help you before, during and AFTER the program to Gain the Thinness that you seek in your life!

So, $299 is a SMALL investment to make in a change of life and health that will last a LIFETIME and always be there for you when you need it!

One Year money back guarantee with original purchase certificate.

Lifetime Replacement guarantee.

12 cd's In a Binder,  with work booklet



Weight Control Super System

  Normally $299.95   Limited Time Discount Price $150.00  
  ORDER Check-out  
  All Sales Processed Through Leaping Lizards Publishing  


Want to hear an example of Double Induction from our "Relationship Readiness" tape set? I am testing out some mp3 samples. You can hear a sample for free obtaining the Sampler CD from the Sampler Page.


What makes our tapes UNIQUE and better?


  • The work booklet that accompanies each of our Holistic Sensory Response (tm) tape sets guides you through a process of setting up the change in a way that makes it UNIQUE to you as opposed to the generic, hit and miss approach of EVERY OTHER TAPE on the market!

  • Ericksonian Hypnosis, The STATE OF THE ART of hypnosis technology ensures a safer amore ecological change than with older hypnosis tapes.

  • DOUBLE INDUCTION sets these apart as each set generally includes a DOUBLE INDUCTION metaphoric story, a form of metaphoric hypnosis so powerful that it helps even those who have a hard time reaching trance enter an enjoyable and effective trance state. you will hear TWO stories simultaneously , one in each ear and bedazzled at this amazing recording process. we are one of about three people in the WORLD doing these types of tapes.

  • Binaural beats, barely audible tones help quiet the mind and allow you to really relax in a profound way.

  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- While we can't guarantee your individual results any more than a Lawyer can guarantee you'll win your case, we do guarantee that you won't feel like you wasted your money. If you think the tapes are worthless you have a 60 day  money back guarantee and lifetime replacement on any in stock cassettes should they break or become damaged.

  • ONE YEAR money back guarantee on all HYPNOSIS tape sets!



  • It puts YOU IN CHARGE of YOU!!!

To find out more about H.S.R. Audio, Click here!

The tape line will also be upgraded and expanded in the coming months.


One Year money back guarantee with original purchase certificate.

Lifetime Replacement guarantee.


Weight Control Super System

  Normally $299.95   Limited Time Discount Price $150.00  
  ORDER Check-out  
  All Sales Processed Through Leaping Lizards Publishing  


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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Some Safer Alternatives

Every Day, more and more people are turning to Gastric Bypass, Stomach reduction, or Stomach Stapling as a viable alternative to dieting.

But, let me tell you some research from the web and other sources about what HAPPENS to someone when they use the extreme procedures

  • Hair Loss!
  • Brittle Bones
  • Loss of work
  • Inability to absorb Calcium
  • Psychological trauma
  • Depression
  • Anger


  • Repeat Weight Gain


  • Surgery Failures leading to stomach leaking, infection or death

Each year, many people DIE from these surgeries, and those who are successful in coming through them are faced with a life where they will be unable to eat any more than 1 tablespoon to 3/4ths of a cup of food OR LESS at a given meal!

Many of those people later find that they STILL gain back the weight as a result of increased consumption of high caloric liquids!


A Viable Alternative

Before you risk your life, and spend THOUSANDS of dollars on surgery, why not consider a hypnotic alternative with our

Weight Control Hypno Super System

This system places YOU in charge of you, and can help avoid costly and potentially deadly surgical stomach alterations.

Used as directed, this program will help you shed pounds and NOW it includes a special bonus recording JUST for those whoa re seriously considering Stomach Alteration Surgeries.

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