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Vessel Of Light


Now, each of us is a vessel for this light, and as children we know intuitively how to use it- we explore with our minds as our legs, bodies and the environment do not support the concept of our infantile bodies going out on their own. We sit in our cribs, we lay in our high chairs, and we reach out with another part of our perceptional field that is not yet solid in this small body we use.  Our spirit, limitless and bounded by nothing is still in direct contact with out ego and so we explore.  We venture off, we see beyond the constraints of corporeal physical time.  If you have ever wondered why babies are supposed to be so good at seeing ghosts, this is the reason, they are not yet bound by time.


In the principles of General Semantics, we are said to be time binders, that is we do not live in the flow of time but we bind it to a given moment in space by what we say and do and how we perceive time.  Other animals are in the flow of time, and as infants, at least a part of our psyche is still timeless as well.  As we humans are time binders, so too are we bound by time as we enter into a solid relationship with this physical reality.


This spirit, this soul, this pool of light with no boundaries never dies, is simply retreats within.  As we grow older, as we use language, as our bodies support other forms of physical, mental and sexual exploration, it finds that it is not in its element here and that the physical body does not need it to be.


BUT, that light body still exists.  It is there and continues to do what it does and explore and communicate with you on other levels.  It is what is often perceived as the Aura, the body of light and a million other names in various paths and disciplines. Now, each of u is aware at various stages that our moods, our thinking affects our health and well being.  As you read this paragraph of text your eyes are taking in bits of ink, or pixels on a computer screen and assigning them meaning.  You are in essence GENERATING meaning as your eyes, which are extensions of your actual brain matter, scan over these characters we call letters.  But where does the “meaning” come from.  The ink> The pixels?  No, it comes from a connection of that light body, that inner mind with a greater subtle body of light that is flowing throughout the entire universe.


In Mind Fields, we are seeking to get in better touch with that flow so as to eliminate the boundaries between mind, light body and physical reality, at least for periods of time that may prove useful.  To do this 24 hours a day seven days a week is in essence not even a concept that this light body can RELATE to since it is timeless, but it recognizes in and of itself that it can not function within the rules of the physical world.  None the less, these realms affect each OTHER!


These realms affect each other in various ways.  Experience a tragic enough event in the physical reality, and the light body will be effected.  Do enough to undermine the integrity of the light body, and  the physical world will be affected in ways that are perceived as being the hand of FATE.  But in this case, FATE is simply the natural cause and effect relationship of the light body and the physical world. Note I do not refer to the physical world as the real world, for to the light body this world is just as much a dream as your dreams are to the you that is reading meaning into these characters right now.

Right now, take a moment, to explore and idea in your mind, an idea that overlapped with you is a mirror, and etheric white light double of your physical form that is similar but perhaps without some of the detail that your physical form possesses.


This light body is just as alive, but it operates via different rules.  It is an emotional body, with the only real frequency being that of love.  Not romantic love, which is really longing mixed with desire, but pure unconditional love that knows that things are in divine order.  Each of us tends to feel some place in the body where the physical and light bodies overlap the closest, that is in essence where they intersect.  The sensation of this intersection is less  physical feeling and more a sense of knowing that there is the connection.  Traditionally it is in the area of the mid section, around the tummy of love handles (interesting term when you think of it in this context, is it not.) and is a physical reminder that we are not mono-dimensional beings but in contact with and able to make use of various planes of our own being.


Once a day, for the next few weeks, take some time to perceive this subtle light body, and just be aware of it.   5 minutes a day spend in inner thought and reflection upon this light body will make you aware of various things.  You will be aware that you are NOT for one, bounded in this world only, and that there is a deeper my complex nature to your very personality and existence.  You may be aware right away, or later, that this light body is strong, powerful and capable of dealing with absolutely ANYTHING in the worlds. You may become aware right away or later, that it response simply and easily to thought, and can be seen as having various waves and fields that extend far out beyond the physical body itself and eventually connect with that collective unconscious field.


Take the next few weeks SIMPLY to do an exercise of being aware of that light body, and in the next installment we shall learn to play with and invite that light body to help us bring about powerful changes.


Until then…….


Dean (with some help from Qualeigh)


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