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  • This Special report takes the place of my regular newsletter this month. Many have suggested that I create a special hypnosis tape on this topic, in effect to capitalize on the terror sweeping the nation. I decided that the nation was better served by sharing this type of information for FREE. Please share this newsletter and web site link with as MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN.

  • For those who want to use Hypnosis to help them cope, there are hints and suggestions throughout this article and web site. If you are looking for tapes, there are already MANY hypnotic tapes that exist on this site to help YOU!


Special Report 

Copyright Dean Montalbano 2001

May be FREELY copied and shared provided this notice and entire text is copied with full credit and distributed IN FULL with no deletion, addition or editing what so ever.


Coping With Terrorism


Setting Frames

Chapter I


A frame is a set of strips of wood, plastic or some other material that forms a boundary around a picture. It gives the canvas , matt or photograph an edge and some degree of definition to allow us to focus upon the artists expression with greater precision and to get better insight and understanding as to the central themes to be discussed. So too can ANY discussion, subject matter or situation benefit from having some sort of frame within which it exists. For this reason, I trust you will indulge me for a few paragraphs while I set a frame for THIS special report so that you have some understanding as to why it exists, what my motivations are, and what I seek to achieve with it.


This report exists to discuss some of the recent current events within our world; not the political ramifications, but the psycho spiritual affects and how we, as enlightened people, can deal with these times in an ecological way so that we can remain both functional and enjoy a mental and emotional quality of life that we, as human beings, are entitled to.


Many retailers are using the current wave of stress and fear that is sweeping our nation to their own benefit- they are praying upon the hype to sell their “safety”  or health related products and many have suggested that I should do the same.  People have suggested I crate a special "coping with terrorism” hypnosis tape, but in my way of thinking that would only be further extorting those in a  time of need. I also realized that I already have  MANY products useful for coping with terrorism, from my Learn Self Hypnosis tape set to many of the more specified tape sets available through my hypnodean web site. I do however think that some "intentional thinking” strategies would be handy, perhaps even VITAL, for most people to incorporate into their neurology and experience right now.  So I have decided to assemble this special report to help those in need for free….  If you  want further tools, they are available, but I do not need to pray upon people’s fears for a fast buck- I would rather help them and benefit from the knowledge that some conscious expansion has taken place with my help.


A few times a week, once a day if my schedule allows, I like to go for walks and take that opportunity to do some uptime hypnosis and trance work.  I allow my unconscious mind or what Carlos Castaneda called Second Attention to take over and open myself up to day dreams, inspiration, inner healing or whatever else comes to me or falls into place.  Shortly after the events of September Eleventh I had a “day dream” (vision, spiritual experience etc.) in which I became aware of a ball of light being offered as a symbol or archetype by my unconscious mind.  Far off in the distance it hovered and I was aware of what was inside.  Inside this ball were the cries, the fear, the hurt of thousands of million of children.  Not the children themselves, but their cries, their emotions.  How I “Knew” what was inside I can not say,  it was simply a knowing. But as this experience was offered from within, I can only assume that I was intended to have that awareness, just as in a dream every aspect of the dream is part of us. The trance experiences are provided from within. I had been meditating and in essence offering some prayers or affirmations out into the world and for my own enlightenment so perhaps this ball of cries appeared in direct response to that intention.  I was saddened. It was much like the first Star Wars movie years ago when one of the characters felt a disturbance in "The Force" when a planet was destroyed….  It was the tears and the fears and the stress of all the Americans who’s lives were lost or touched, and as a species all the fellow human souls that welled up together and were affected individually and archetypal by the disasters that were perpetrated not upon our country but upon our species.


I saw this ball of sadness, so very far away, a shimmering translucent bubble of light.  It was perhaps a mile away or more for I had no concept of how BIG it might have been. I was suddenly touched with a  need to reach out to it.  I’m not sure weather it was physical or simply within my mind but I stretched my arm toward it. At that moment, either my arm stretched to meet it, and my point of view went with the tip of my fingers, or perhaps the ball was suddenly drawn toward me. In that instant, the ball was within fractions of inches from my finger tips and all the sadness was clear, audible and made me sad in empathy toward all those children.


At that moment I touched the bubble, and in that INSTANT something transformed…. The bubble spun, changed color and IMMEDIATELY the children laughed and squealed with PURE unadulterated JOY.  In that instant I released a lot of my own confusion, sadness and worry that had been hovering, and the bubble flew away.  It was as if my desire to touch the bubble, to reach out to it, immediately brought it within reach. It was as if my willingness to touch those who were hurt was all it took to heal or reverse the polarity of both their sorrow and my own.  It was as if in that moment I was reminded of a truth I already knew: that I am a child and that YOU are a child and that we are ALL children and our job is to raise each other…… I don’t mean raise in the parental sense, but raise in a vibration sense. That within each of our adult bodies is a child that both understands and responds to simple plain truth and love and that as we seek to raise ourselves and our own vibrations so too, will we raise the vibration of those around us.


Your indulgence in sharing this personal set of symbols is most appreciated as it too is part of the frame under which this report has been created.




There is a challenge to each human system on this planet of ours right now, and it is important that we meet this challenge with intention rather than reaction.  Most human beings react to a situation only ONCE in their lives: the first time they are exposed to it.  Every time AFTER that, they simply play a recording of their original reaction out of habit.  This is a survival skill.  When we burn our hand on a flame as a child, it makes sense to allow the unconscious to replay that reaction the next time we burn ourselves so that we do not have to THINK about what our reaction should be to that danger.  HOWEVER, it can be limiting when we continue to replay reactions to experiences that have DIFFERENT specific sets of details.  However this is what humans do all the time.  We become hurt in a relationship, we learn to react.  The NEXT time someone does anything that hurts us or reminds us of that past experience we have a tendency to simply REPLAY those old behaviors and IGNORE THE FEEDBACK that may be coming in through our sensory apparatus that tells us that our recorded autonomous reactions may or may NOT be working in this specific experience.


Let us consider that right now, there are millions of people who are dealing with fear, stress, vigilance, and other situations that they may or may NOT have dealt with before.  Most people in this country have never dealt with such direct, close to home kinds of mass violence as we have recently- and yet most people are still playing out programs that were established as children: reactions that they apply to hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, tornadoes and other forms of unpredictable chaos in their lives.  However, they are using this recorded reaction to create a state that in no way shape or form has anything to do with the unique current situations that we are facing.


People are looking over their shoulder, offering up their freedoms and privacy rights, looking for unfamiliar vans and cars, refusing to go to work, shunning powdered sugar donuts, using liquid laundry soap and  MANY  MANY other fear based reactions which are affecting their quality of life and love and in essence giving the people that perpetrated these atrocities against humanity exactly what they were seeking.


We have heard the cries that we must be vigilant and aware that “something” may happen- yet we have no information about who or what to base that vigilance.  Obviously we must NOT simply ignore things, and act foolishly, however to be vigilant without any idea of what or who to be vigilant about is, BY DEFINITION paranoia.  Those who are looking over their shoulder ALL THE TIME without knowing what they are looking for are sending panic messages from their mind to their body 24 hours a day 7 days a week, a state which is both unhealthy and destructive emotionally and physically.


Chapter III


It is no secret that I am highly critical of the media for their tactics and their use of words.  So let me begin with the disclaimer that while I am not anti news, I am NOT anti-free speech and I am NOT anti-information; I do think there are things that we, as responsible viewers and human spirits, need to consider as we intake the vast amount of information that is being tossed at us at this time.


The media, especially television, is a multi million dollar business- ratings are money and spectacular news equals spectacular ratings. News people, like evangelists, salesmen and those who use hypnosis or hypnotic language to help people make changes for the better are DYNAMIC talented users of language. They chunk and sequence their words and language in such careful ways as to create exactly the kinds of emotional reactions they want to invoke in people. But why emotions? Because emotions make us more susceptible to suggestion. Anytime we are in a state of elation, fear, worry or sadness we are in an altered state which allows the words, the advertisements, the reports and such to be loaded directly into our unconscious minds.  This is the reason reporters use words like “terrorism” a opposed to “hostile acts”- They say “Biological Tools of Death” as opposed to “Poisoning” exactly BECAUSE they carry emotional charge and "press our buttons." They are able to pray upon the fear, the worry and the anger that has already been raised, and they seek to KEEP that level of emotion raised. But this level of heightened emotion is not healthy for us in a sustained way.


Make no mistake, the media is a tool to manipulate rather than enlighten and has become increasingly about sensationalism and selling rather than responsible enlightened reporting.  But what are we to do.  I do NOT think limiting their ability to express themselves is the way to go, but rather that events and tactics that the news people use are a test to us as human systems.


The test we are facing right now in the face of the media, the government, and the talk around the office water coolers, is to take a step back and take some responsibility for our own thinking and reactions.  We must use this opportunity as a time where we, as individuals and as a society must take responsibility for what we are THINKING and realize with some increasing "vigilance” what thoughts are REALLY OURS, what thoughts we have been guided to by the media, and which of our reactions are about THIS series of events NOW or about our fears, worries and past learned experiences.  I maintain that 99% of the stress, fear and sadness people are sensing in their world right now is a result of past experiences, and hallucinations about future horrors, rather than a legitimate appropriate reaction to current states of being.


Chapter  IV


I offer this challenge to each person then, to begin to watch the news, listen to conversations, read the paper and monitor your own thoughts and words with some kind of filters in place.  Judge FOR YOURSELF what information is accurate, what is factual, what is simply OPINION and what is perhaps sensationalized or made theatrical to get some kind of reaction or to manipulate you the listener into a specific reaction.


I would like to discriminate here between “good” and “bad” for a moment- I do not necessarily think the media or society is doing anything BAD right now by guiding people into sates.  Certainly a LOT of useful things have come out of recent events- from a growth in spiritual interests and  development to a resurgence of patriotism.  But a lot of  not so useful things have happened such as a fear-based decline in spending which has lead to loss of MORE jobs and a cyclic decrease in spending again.  Being manipulated by the media is not necessarily good or bad, but it may or may not be useful.  It is CERTAINLY useful to the media, the advertisers and others with an agenda. It is NOT so useful to the person trying to live their life, fulfill their values and dreams' and support their family.  


I would suggest that there are some things you can do psychologically and hypnotically (For all manipulation of states, weather done by the news reporter or done by "the self", is Hypnotic) to get a sense of balance and centered existence in your life.  I advocate several things that I think will help you and your friends and family through these difficult times. They are 1) Intentional Thinking  2) Filtration of Information from Opinion or Emotional Charge 3) sensible reactions based on desired outcomes.


1) Intentional Thinking-  This requires a few things: it requires that you input data with some conscious and unconscious desire to realize that you have an outcome in mind when you watch the news or read the paper- you want to be informed.   Informed is different than manipulated, it is different than being treated like a puppet.  It means you want DATA.  “The dog is sitting.” Is Data…..  “The Dog is waiting to attack.” Is NOT DATA, it is opinion or hallucination unless you are able to read the dog's mind.  Set a frame around your activity of news  gathering as to what your intent is and what you are seeking by becoming aware of world events.


You might also consider what is the desired outcome of THAT as well. Ultimately it is to be happy and enjoy a good life- and one might wonder if that is what news gathering has done for you as of late. 


The other part of intentional thinking is to ask yourself what you can do with that information, and ask yourself, if you do notice an emotional reaction, what that emotion is, where it comes from and what if anything is it accomplishing for you.  “Fear” is meant to be a barometer to tell you something is wrong and to make you fight or flee. It brings about many psycho/chemical responses in the body that sets you up for one of those two things. If what you are fearing is something you have no immediate response to, however, those chemicals become internalized and may become toxic.


Another part of intentional thinking is to set limits as to how much, when and where you receive this sort of input.  In other words, set a time limit, a time of day and a LIMITED number of sources for NEWS as you see appropriate and, of course, allowing you to make alterations in these behaviors if and when you decide that situations dictate otherwise. For example 30 minutes of Network news twice a day from a different source each day.


2) Filtration of Information from Opinion or Emotional Charge.  Think of a time when you were being told something and were skeptical….  Remember a time in your life when you had someone trying to convince you of something that you finally made your OWN mind up about but when they were telling you about, you were skeptical.  Now remember ANOTHER time when you were skeptical in your life.  Now remember a third… try to remember 5 or 10 or MORE such skeptical times, and write down a word or two that will remind you of each of those times. With that in mind, and thinking of all of those simultaneously now, think about what it will be like to apply that same skepticism to what you read or hear.  Notice with some interest how it can be useful to separate FACTS, and DATA from opinion, sensationalism and theatricality.


Again, I am not suggesting you ignore and downplay the seriousness of ANYTHING going on in the world right now, but ask yourself what exactly you are listening to and reacting to- is it useful or not. Is what you are reading or hearing verifiable, useable or something you can react to in any real practical way?  If not, then categorize that information appropriately and react or rather don’t react appropriately as well.


As you begin to implement this filtration system, you will more than likely notice with some interest how you are able to function better and relax a bit more as you process the events and reactions needed in a more intentional and centered balanced way.


It is our challenge now as a race and a sociological system to make a CHOICE, or DECIDE for ourselves, rather then allowing the media or others to DECIDE FOR US, what we will think, feel and do to protect our continued happiness, lifestyle and country.


3) Sensible reactions based on desired outcomes.  Most of my tape sets explore a process of defining what NLP calls a “Well Formed Outcome.”  I always stress the importance of all my hypnotic sessions of focusing upon what you WANT rather than what you don’t what.  Ask yourself what you want right now that is positive, initiated and maintained by YOU and based upon your OWN SENSES. In other words, form a description of what you want your life to be like that includes a POSITIVE (without the words "don’t", "not" or "won’t" etc.) descriptions of the way you DO want it, how you will know you have it based upon what you will see, hear , feel and taste from YOUR perspective; and using ONLY behaviors or situations that can be Initiated and Maintained by YOURSELF.   Once you have such a description, base your reactions, behaviors and actions upon that.  Decide what steps to take, yourself, than can logically get you to that self created, self  validated outcome.


If you do those three things- you will find that you can cope with the emotional and psychological ramifications of the events sweeping our country and our species at this time.  There are numerous tools to help you master your internal states on this web site in the form or free articles on self hypnosis, and tapes sold at various price points that can also help aid you in your self mastery.


I have intentionally avoided any political comment for that is NOT within the frame of what I have been trying to achieve with this report, but rather seek to help YOU as an individual and a part of our special system to regain your balance during this troublesome time.


YOU are in control of your thinking, your feelings and your reaction to a degree that very few every recognize, and I wish you and your families safety, blessings and great discovery, enlightenment as you raise your inner child, and the children around you, to a higher plane of existence and understanding!


Please share this link with ANYONE and everyone you can think of who would benefit.


Be well, and be Trance Formed!


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