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Holistic Sensory Response Audio  TM utilizes my unique approach to Intentional Thinking, hypnosis structured thinking. It combines the technology of NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Paraliminal Suggestion, Binaural Beats and MUCH MORE to help you BE and BECOME all that you choose!

 Double Induction Hypno-Stereo?

Many things help aid in achieving a good trance state in audio tapes, one of them is the use of an "overload" technique, that is any technique of overloading the conscious mind with more information than it can handle. It forces the conscious mind to get out of the way and allows the unconscious mind to absorb all the information being relayed.  This phenomena can be observed in ever day conversation when you meet someone with a difficult to understand accent, or someone who talks VERY fast or changes subjects rapidly- you may notice the listener of such a speaker "zoning" out or loosing track of the conversation.

Another very sophisticated way to achieve this same thing is through what is known as double induction hypnosis, that is when there is more than one hypnotist speaking at the same time, usually one positioned on each side of a given subject, each speaking of different things in a slightly different style.  The result is that the conscious mind can't comprehend both simultaneously, and so can't interfere.

In each of our tape sets, one or both of the hypnotic segments may be a sophisticated form of this type of induction which I have entitled Double Induction Hypno-Stereo.  In these tapes you will be guided into trance Indirectly, through metaphoric stories which relate in fairy tale like style to the subject of a given tape. At some point, the stories will break off and split into TWO stories, a different one being told in each ear.  These stories form a further metaphor for the given problem or situation, and include something known as Paraliminal suggestions.

Paraliminal suggestions are different than subliminals. With subliminals, you don't hear or know what those suggestions are, but with PARALIMINAL suggestions you will hear every suggestion completely.  In paraliminal suggestions, there are moments when each of the stories synchronizes and a word spoken is followed in one ear is followed by a pause- simultaneously a pause in the other ear is followed by a word, so HALF of a given suggestion is given to one ear and then to the other.  In essence, the left ear may momentarily hear the word "STOP" and then the right ear  may hear the word "Smoking"  thus allowing the brain to cipher out the suggestion to "Stop smoking."

Want to hear an example of Double Induction from our "Relationship Readiness" tape set? I am testing out some mp3 samples. You can hear a sample for free by downloading from the Download Page. Note that these may not be stored, shared or distributed in ANY WAY- they are for you to review to make a purchasing decision.  These files are LARGE and will take some time to download on a slower modem.


Our tapes feature various forms of analog marking. Analog marking is a method of using subtle, consciously undetectable changes in voice tone, volume or other qualities that mark out a message specifically to your unconscious mind. The unconscious mind will learn early on in any given recording what words are intended for it to filter out and make use of. Often three or more 'tones of voice" are used in any given recording to mark out three separate sets of messages WITHIN a given phrase or paragraph. This typical Ericksonian hypnotic technique is very useful for the simple reason that it is communication that takes place SOLELY on an unconscious level!

Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats are a series of barely audible tones which play in the background of many of your hypnotic recordings.  These tones are generated with a "hemi synch" machine, a special machine that plays tones unique to each ear. These tones begin by synchronizing with the normal awakened state of the mind, and then slowly changing them to assist the listener in reaching the "alpha" level or relaxed level state of mind.

The tones are barely noticeable beneath the recorded music, but can be perceived if one really tries to do so.  These tones help even people who have trouble slowing their mind down and relaxing to do so. These tones also form an "anchor" or a signal which helps you quickly and easily re-enter the trance state anytime your unconscious mind begins to hear them in the background. Likewise, at the end of each tape, when the Binaural Beats stop, there tends to be sudden and pleasant shift back to a more awakened conscious state.

I have found Binaural Beats to be SO useful that I utilize them almost EVERY time I do a live session, and include the Binaural Beats on the tapes that I give to clients who come to my office.

Binaural Beats can also create  mind states such as learning, alertness and others. Some of THOSE binaural beat programs have been included similarly on learning and memory based tape programs which I have available.


CopyrightDean Montalbano

The purpose of this publication is to share information about Holistic Sensory Response (TM) Training, Intentional Thinking, Mindfullness, hypnosis - what they are and are not. This booklet shall deal with the myths and give you some realistic expectations of what it will be like to do work with me, Dean Montalbano, in my office.




I coined the term Holistic Sensory Response (HSR) to label what I do when I realized that no single form of alternative practice seemed to be helping people by itself. There are those who practice NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Mindfulness Training, and Hypnosis as exclusive entities and never quite help their clients get to their goals.The “H” in HSR stands for “Holistic”, which means that I have found a unique way to combine the teachings and techniques of NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Mindfulness and what I call Intentional Thinking to give YOU more control over your behaviors and your life and to give you more choices!The “S” is for “Sensory”, for I try to incorporate all your senses to help you open up all your potentials.The “R” is for “Response”, for I believe that a problem is ONLY a problem based upon how we respond to it. When we have different or better responses on an Unconscious level, we can succeed in JUST about anything!

Any one of these techniques alone can never be as effective. You will hear me talk of trance, and hypnosis a lot because that is my original background, but HSR is so much more, so much different and so much better than what we traditionally think of as “hypnosis” or Meditation.

We do it together

The first thing I want to make perfectly clear is that HSR is NOT something that is done to you. Trance is NOT like surgery or getting a massage. HSR is SOMETHING WE DO TOGETHER. It is a cooperative effort, and a skill that you will learn. All hypnosis is, in essence, self hypnosis, with the hypnotist acting as a well trained coach or guide to help you become congruent and create your changes and evolve into the person you want to become. It requires a commitment FROM YOU.

Holistic Sensory Response Training is not sleep.


Meditation or Hypnosis, ANY form of TRANCE formation, is an altered state of consciousness, similar to the twilight state just BEFORE sleep. People are often surprised that they DO HEAR EVERYTHING said during a session in my office, and that sometimes they find themselves in a heightened state of awareness of their environment, other times they may zone out or not remember any of the actual session. It is NORMAL however to hear what is being said, otherwise, what would be the point in me talking?

Hypnosis and Trance are two DIFFERENT THINGS.

Trance is a natural experience that EVERYONE enters into several time a day, if not, one tends to go a little nuts. Trance happens when you Zone Out or Space Out while driving, becoming absorbed within a movie, really get lost in a good book. When you find yourself enmeshed in an impossible problem, you are in essence in PROBLEM TRANCE. Runners experience dramatic altered trance states when running– time distorts, they develop anesthesia for injuries and their bodies seem to function automatically. These are only as FEW types of trances that happen every day. HSR and Hypnosis are relationships, a skills and a processes in which WE create a trance together, usually through relaxation and focusing attention, and then we DO SOEMTHING with it. So, HSR is Trance with an OUTCOME- for this reason it is important we come to understand what is it that you WANT!The Self Hypnotic state is a dynamic learning state in which we use the special learning part of you to help you create new options for behavior and unlock hidden potentials.


Your Two Minds

Holistic Sensory Response work is based upon the theory that we have two aspects to our mind. The conscious mind, and what we call the Unconscious mind. The conscious mind can be thought of as a jockey and the unconscious as the horse. The jockey can tell the horse where it wants to go, the conscious can TELL the unconscious what it wants to do or change, BUT if the horse doesn’t agree- if the Unconscious has a better reason for doing what it is doing- YOU DON’T GO! Likewise, once the horse agrees to go where the jockey wants, it would be silly for the jockey to tell the horse how to pick up its feet and get there… more than likely the horse would fall over. In self hypnotic and HSR processes we get the conscious mind out of the way, drifting in pleasant thoughts or through the trance, and then we communicate with the unconscious mind. We get the Unconscious mind going in the direction you want to go, and then GET OUT OF ITS WAY!The unconscious mind has a duty and a right to protect you, that is what it has done since you were a child. It controls the automatic breathing functions and is purposeful. It seeks to achieve ONLY POSITIVE things for you, only POSTIVE outcomes or intentions. It is holographic and takes in ALL information at once, unlike the sequential hyper focused conscious mind. The unconscious mind is capable of quick learning and dynamic changes of thinking, feeling and behavior.The unconscious mind does not process negations- try NOT to think of a pink elephant! For this reason we always focus upon what you WANT, rather than what you don’t want when doing hypnosis.


People wonder about a loss of control in anything that resembles hypnotic or meditative processes, but the protective unconscious mind is always monitoring and is there to protect you. In HSR Trance you are aware and capable of coming out of trance any time you feel it is in your best interest to do so. You have MORE control in HSR Trance because you are using both parts of your mind together rather than having them work in opposite direction.People who have seen stage hypnosis may have very different ideas about control, but remember, the contract in stage hypnosis is different. People going on stage for a stage hypnosis demonstration are doing so KNOWING that they will do silly things. That is a VERY different set of expectations than within hypnosis as we will experience it. That is about a SHOW….. Holistic Sensory Response training is something different.


Safety Filter

Your unconscious mind acts as a safety filter and will screen out anything that might be inappropriate or unacceptable for you. It is recording everything said as a form of unconscious notes and it is there to make sure you have a safe and SUCCSSFUL experience with your changes. Likewise, it will always guide you out of a trance state, just as one can not sleep for a thousand hours, one can not stay in a trance state forever.



In essence, any time you buy gum, you have a contract. You give the clerk 25 cents and they give you some gum. We have a contract, you and I. That contract is that as I agree to be your guide or coach, I will do everything within my education and ability to help you and to see to it that you are kept safe. In return YOU must do what you are asked to do, immediately, without doubting or conscious questioning, and must follow through by giving the change a chance after the hypnosis. You must do as asked right away and try it out. Later, if you don’t like the change, you can ALWAYS change yourself back– you always have that option and that control over yourself.


People think their problems are easy and their solutions difficult. I tend to think of it as being the other way and spend a lot of time exploring HOW people create their problem, or encouraging them to teach ME how to have their problem. In doing this, we take a SINGLE thing, a “problem” and make it into a bunch of little steps- much more manageable, and in a way that they can be changed much more easily.I also spend a lot of time building up a representation of what the solution WILL BE LIKE, and generally I will not enter into trance with anyone until such time as we have generated a solution that will work, at least on an unconscious level.I tend to work in a goal oriented way, asking often what do you WANT in place of what you have, and what you need to make that happen- and it is YOUR SOLUTION, not mine. I am NOT there to act as a director or to diagnose, but rather to help you explore and discover. Again, this is something we do together and as such YOU will be expected to participate.


About your Session

The number of sessions can vary, depending upon what we are trying to accomplish, and we generally try to work no faster or slower than is ecological and acceptable for you, your life and your unconscious mind. I always recommend a NEW client do a MINIMUM of three sessions and on average a three session package for any single issue or problem. Less than that is probably not going to show results .Doctor referrals will be required for working with ANY situation that you are already under medical care for. I am not a Doctor and can not “Heal” or “diagnose” anything.

Typical appointments can be 60-100 minutes, with the trance being only a portion of that. A lot of time is spent on the interview, building up the solution and occasionally playing perception “games” designed to enter light “waking trances” and really access appropriate states within. Generally the client wears headphones and hears music, as well as my voice through a microphone, this helps cut back on outside noise, and makes the process more personal. It also allows the session to be recorded. The tapes remain may be loaned to the client in between sessions. We seek to create more choices for behaviors with the trance, and give people options, particularly when altering habits.



Often, a “post-Scription” form will be issued at the end of a session with affirmations, instructions or things for the client to do to create the change. These are NOT OPTIONAL and MUST be carried out by the client if the change is expected to take place.



After an appointment, expect changes to be generative and to take time to work their way into your life, and expect that they will respond directly to how well YOU follow your instructions after the trance. Immediate changes are the relaxation and things you fee as part of the trance induction. Generative changes are all those things that happen in the days that follow!Payment is expected at the conclusion of every session unless arrangements are made BEFORE the session begins. Holistic Sensory Response Training (Combining Meditation, Mindfulness, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and Intentional Thinking) is a dynamic set of skills, states of mind and tools that you will enjoy and find VERY helpful in making your changes and evolving into all that you seek to become!

Thank you for your interest- and I look forward to working with you in the future!

Dean MontalbanoFounder: Holistic Sensory Response TrainingLicensed Ethical Hypnotist407 851 0945www.hypnodean.comand


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