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Stop Smoking- Free Self hypnosis Information Before Buying a Tape

Smoking is a difficult issue for many people to deal with, they try quitting cold turkey, using various drugs and other tape sets without success. They may succeed temporarily, Only to fail later on and go back to smoking. In my private practice, I work with many smokers- offering a money back guarantee- something that makes many hypnotists nervous. I am however, SELECTIVE with who I work with!  I choose to work ONLY with those people I am 90% certain will be able to be successful at stopping smoking through the use of hypnosis. 

How do I decide?  Well, it has a LOT to do with attitude.  If you are ready willing and able to stop smoking, you will find yourself having a certain conviction about it, you will have already made some decisions as to what the CONSEQUENCES of smoking might be for you, why it is valuable for you to be smoke free, and may also have had some medical scare that has given you the motivation you need.  There is however a magic question to ask yourself..." if there was a button on the back of your left hand that you could press and you would be total smoke free forever, would you press it?"  If you have even a MOMENT of internal hesitation before saying yes, then you are not ready.  Go right on and enjoy smoking until you decide that you are ready.  

I often tell people to decide if you are  a smoker or a non smoker and just be that.  If you wish to try some simple self hypnosis, begin by reading some studies on smoking and what it does to you medically, then once you are horrified enough at all that, ask yourself if you are serious enough about wanting to stop smoking that you are willing to allow yourself to have some doubt about the belief that smoking is an addiction- and begin to realize that it is a habit.  Because it is a habit, rather than a chemical addiction such as cocaine, it can be stopped. Every time you put down a cigarette you are a non smoker until that moment when you decide to pick the cigarette back up again.  So, now the trick is this: What will you do instead of smoking?

You HAVE to do something instead...  Take a deep breath 5 times until the craving goes away, Drink water, snap your fingers, tap your thumb to your lips, whatever you like, but it must be active, and PRACTICAL for the situations in which you normally smoke. In other words, if you smoke in the car, going for a walk would be a bad choice for something to do instead.

Next, Enter a light trance state, and explore the new behaviors, consequences and such in this state, and make a decision as to when you plan to smoke your last ever cigarette.  Once that time arrives, THROW AWAY all cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays etc that are yours.

For the casual smoker or those ready to really stop right NOW, these techniques can be useful, especially in addition to some of the stop smoking aides on the market- but if you need extra help you might consider our:

"Stop Smoking Naturally "




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