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Self hypnosis for Athletic performance- Free Information before buying or making an appointment.

Hypnosis is an excellent tool for assisting in sports  performance weather you play as a hobby or in a more serious way.  The process of hypnotic sports enhancement is several fold.  First, you create a light trance state. Then you begin to review examples of your own performance when it was superior and the way you would like to play consistently.  You actually see yourself going through the movements like watching a movie in instant replay.  If you feel you have no personal experience with performing the way you want to, then imagine as many examples of OTHER people performing the way you want to, and review those movies. If you feel you can't make pictures in your mind- simply THINK about it rather than imagining an image.

The next step is to STEP IN TO that movie or thought and actually replay it over and over, which your unconscious mind  can do in a matter of moments, and allow your body to learn the explicit muscle movements and internal mental states associated with that type of success or performance. 

This sort of mental rehearsal is used by Olympic athletes, professional golfers and much more.  The author of this web site, professional Hypnotist Dean Montalbano used this method himself to learn how to ride a bicycle OVERNIGHT at the age of 30! 

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