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Hypno Trips

State Of The Art

Recreational Hypnosis

The STATE OF THE ART in recreational hypnosis....

Featuring Hypno DRUGS, Hypno SEX, Past life Regression, Guided Meditations, Body Control Techniques, Time Distortion, Shape Shifting, past life Regression and MUCH MUCH MORE!

This tape set will boggle your mind and allow you to expand consciousness as you practice, listen, trance and learn.  Note that these tapes should ONLY be used by those of sound mind and body.

Includes all this and MORE

Note: This is now in CD format!

Note that each tape builds upon the one before it, so as you become more proficient at entering a trance, the inductions become somewhat shorter. You may find the LEARN SELF HYPNOSIS tape set a good combination with this tape set, but it is not necessary.

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